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photo montage mountain view

3D photo montage of Mountain View

If I were to say again and again, that this is a real photo, would you truly believe me or it? Probably you won’t, because the work that is part of our portfolio, and what you are obviously viewing here is only a 3D model. Nonetheless, it still is the house, and that is the truth for what it’s worth.

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house 3d renderings

English style house 3d renderings

Building a home is special, a home is more than just a house, it’s the heart of your life. A safe, comfortable place where you can block out the outside world and be yourself. Many people have an idea of what they want their new home to look like, but can’t fully visualize it. For instance, with the English style house 3d renderings project we had client who couldn’t decide on color patterns, textures, and a general shape/style for the building they wanted to build.

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3d visualization night scene

3D visualization FAQ: How to simplify collaboration with 3D visualizer and save your time?

We are eager to create realistic 3D visualization that satisfy our clients. To ensure we get this result we need certain information.

Why do we need it?

  • Everyone has their own understanding of certain words, e.g. cool. It is therefore important for us to negotiate all key elements and have the same understanding from the beginning.
  • After this stage, we can be sure that the fewer edits we have, the sooner you will get a final version.
  • The fewer edits there are, the cheaper our visualization services will be.

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3D architectural rendering FAQ: Find out the cost of project in advance

How do I find out the cost of a 3D architectural rendering project in advance?

We are often asked to estimate the cost of a certain 3D architectural rendering project in advance and provide a quote. We understand this is important as many of our clients have different budgets.

We can advise on a price, but negotiating the cost is a mutual process.

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back yard 3d exterior rendering

3D exterior rendering FAQ: I’m not sure what result I want…

I’m not sure what result I want – can you help?

We often face a situation when a client has a task they need completing, for example create 3D exterior rendering, but they have limited knowledge regarding the details of the project.

At Faraday we offer you a simple solution to this problem; clients should find inspiration by looking at pictures 3D exterior renderings on the internet and show these to us as their desired result. This enables us to deliver a greater service in a shorter period.

Let’s take a look at this collaboration to demonstrate.

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3d room design by faraday 3d

3D visualization is not a 3d room design creation…

Cooperation should be as comfortable as possible for both parties – this principle applies at Faraday 3D. We listen to the views of all our customers, and constantly improve our services and interactions with those who come to us for 3d room design visualizations.

But over the years we have found that there is a special type of character or customer who orders 3D visualizations. Everyone should know about this character and the potential consequences that arise from our interactions with him. This character is described in the article below.

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Winter Landscape architecture rendering

High quality 3D rendering as a Convincing Argument in Public Discussions

High quality 3D rendering

Experienced negotiators say that the order in which we bring forward our arguments directly affects how convincing they sound. The best sequence is to start with the more convincing ones, then proceed to the usual ones, and conclude with the most convincing one.

The first will create an attitude of trust, while the last will come just at the right time for the final decision. If the last word is postponed for a while, your partner in discussion will remember the beginning and the ending of the conversation most of all.

Right now you might be wondering what it has to do with 3D design. The thing is, there were lots of examples in our experience that prove that high quality 3D rendering is that strongest argument to convince even the greatest skeptics.
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3d architectural renderings

On the Importance of Time in 3d architectural renderings

3d architectural renderings: Time, It Needs Time…

The actor and columnist Will Rogers once said, “If advertisers spent the same amount of money on improving their products as they do on advertising then they wouldn’t have to advertise them.”

From our team’s experience, we would rephrase the quote as “If advertisers spent an adequate amount of money on quality 3d architectural renderings and gave the designers sufficient time to make them, these would sell their products better than the most expensive advertisement.”

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3D rendering based on photo

Demonstrating Product Advantages Using 3D Rendering: a Case Study

Our experience shows that a high-quality 3D rendering can be an excellent argument in discussing your products with your potential customers. It can greatly affect their buying decisions in favor of your company.

Here is a story about one of our clients, a manufacturer of pergola shades from New Zealand. He contacted us asking to visualize his product from the best possible perspectives.

In this article, we will study how we worked on this job, and what its results were.

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3D Visualization approvied

3D Interior renderings with the Best Value for Money

Every architectural or construction company has its own cost categorization. But one category common to all of them is advertising and promotion. Often it will include costs for 3D visualization services. Some companies are ready to pay a lot for them, while others save as much possible, but in general everyone uses 3D interior renderings to showcase their future apartments.

In the previous two posts we discussed five truly high-end and five utterly awful 3D visualizations (as well as the consequences of using the latter), so readers could see for themselves how dramatic the gap is between paying more and getting less (or nothing).

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Architectural interior design: 5 Examples of Poor Interior 3D

Previously we discussed what a high-end architectural interior design 3D visualization is and how it can affect architectural and construction businesses. To recollect, best 3D:

  • Turns prospects into customers
  • Boosts sales
  • Increases loyalty
  • Drives word-of-mouth marketing, because people like sharing beautiful things. If your interior’s 3D rendering is realistic and inspiring, be ready to have it shared across all social media

This is how professional visualization works: you give a person the item you want her to buy, and the odds of selling it skyrockets. In case of interior designs, the 3D rendering serves as a guide to your service.

And now let us imagine how a “quick and cheap” visualization affects a prospective buyer’s attitude. To support our words with examples, let us consider five low-quality 3D Architectural interior design examples.

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Bertrand Benoit

Best interior 3D rendering: How should they look like?

There is a saying in sales: the shortest path to a sale lies through the customer’s hands. Sensing every curve, flipping every switch and moving whatever there is to move creates a strong desire to own. This is why salesmen will always insist that you take that gadget in your hands.

But what if you are a real estate agency or an architectural firm trying to sell a yet-unfinished and hence impalpable property? One solution is to forget the above law. The other one is to resort to high-end interior 3D rendering, making the sight alone work for the other four senses. Is it possible? Let’s see.

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3d rendering studio: awful 3d view 2

3d rendering studio: 6 Examples of Awful 3D Rendering

When ordering a 3D visualization from a 3d rendering studio, owners of architectural and construction companies rely on the designer’s ability to provide an impressive view of their building. But clients will often look at the rendering and go to a competitor. Why is that?

Sometimes the reason lies in the quality of the 3D rendering. In this article, we will discuss why it has such a great impact on prospective customers.

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3d visualization rendering by Faraday 3D

3D Visualization Rendering: What Makes a Good 3D

In our previous article we described the basic principles that can help you find out how honestly and meticulously the designer has treated your 3D Visualization Rendering. If you look once again at the designs shown there, you will see for yourself: they are indistinguishable from real photographs.

Creating such designs is a true challenge and requires a lot of time and money. This is why most 3D works represent the “golden mean” suitable for the client: best value for money and shorter time frames than would be needed for an absolutely flawless 3D visualization.

This does not mean that the work is of poor quality. It’s just that there are details that bespeak the use of a computer.

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Time, price, quality triangle

Architectural 3D Rendering: Time, price or quality?

Like any human undertaking, projects need to be performed and delivered under certain constraints. Same thing applies to Architectural 3D Rendering too. Traditionally, these constraints have been listed as Time, Quality and Price. These are also referred to as the “Project Management Triangle” where each side represents a constraint. One side of the triangle cannot be changed without affecting the others.
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Alex Roman 3D visualization

3D Architectural Visualization: Best Exterior renders

3D Architectural Visualization is on the rise nowadays. if 10 years ago all we had were raw and unrealistic renderings, today we can hardly tell a 3D rendered image from a professional photograph. But such results require a great deal of time and effort.

So, if you are an architectural visualization company or a construction firm, how do you choose the right designer, given that almost any portfolio features works that look real enough to you? After all, you order 3D renderings to get results: you want your prospective customers to look at the pictures and say: “Wow! This is the cottage I want to live in! This is the house where I’ll have my future apartment”!

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3d architectural rendering services

3d architectural rendering services: No blueprints, no price…

First of all, the most important thing one should remember when hiring a 3d architectural rendering services: you will get what you paid for! You can’t simply expect to pay a minimal/low amount and get a brilliant 3D result.

Below we will try to explain:

Why we cannot provide a price without project’s information and materials

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Customer protection policy

Customer protection policy

Have you thought, that sometimes potential customers just afraid to make the order, because they are not really shore about final project price? How is that? Very easy. If you order some-kind software you definitely know what this application must do and it is easy enough to calculate working time. But what about design or visualizations. Customers wants something nice and beautiful. How it is possible to set term of word beautiful into  boundaries: 10h is not yet beautiful and 10h and 1 minute – masterpiece? There is the border comes? How to estimate such projects?

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