How Much to Pay for 3D Visualization?

No doubt, the Architecture and Development (A&D) industry is hyper-competitive and tackles the most complex construction projects worldwide. With strict budgets and tight deadlines, the last challenge you’d want to face is another unnecessary revision.

Neither do I.

And that’s where 3D architectural visualization and rendering comes in — the greatest tool to an A&D’s long-term success.

So, how much should you be paying for such an amazing A&D tool? Great question! I’ll direct you along the way. But first, I need to ensure you recognize what 3D architectural visualization (ArchViz) represents in your industry and what your own firm truly represents to your clients.

What’s 3D Architectural Visualization and How Do I Choose the Right 3D Studio Price?

It’s obvious—the A&D market has its own share of industry rivals, and likewise, the architectural rendering market. Not just with the services we provide, but most especially with the cost we entail. 3D Architectural visualization and rendering is the art of creating three-dimensional images showing the attributes of a proposed architectural design.

Yes, I’m talking about equipment, software, 3D rendering skills, project management, and more.

So, how do successful A&Ds select the most reasonable 3D architectural visualization service as far as the quality of work and pricing are concerned? To tell you the truth, a straightforward answer to this question is not very simple—as there are a lot of things to consider. As an architectural, engineering, or construction company (AEC), you’d first need to know the:

  • Size of each project you’re leading;
  • Architectural specification of the interior and exterior designs—among other elements;
  • Time required for the final product to be delivered, etc.

When targeting the right 3D ArchViz designer and costs, take into account the time necessary for a 3D artist to learn and improve on their 3D ArchViz skills, 3D rendering timeframes, quality of portfolios, workflow, and client recommendations.

As you can see, when choosing a 3D designer, the quality of work and pricing go hand in hand. At Faraday 3D, we effectively provide an epic all-in-one 3D solution — as a small studio—through a unique 3D Roadmapping service to help mitigate those unnecessary revisions and workflow challenges while providing high-quality renders as an actual 3D studio that brings results to our multinational clients. Therefore, you’ll receive more than high-quality images and timely renders—you’re gaining customer-focused support, real-time project status, and knowledge to help you leverage a positive ROI (return on investment) for you and your clients/investors.

Value-Based Pricing: Helps Determine How Much to Pay

Speaking of positive ROI, this is the next most important way to estimate and decide how much you should pay for 3D architectural visualization services — value-based pricing.

But, ROI is not a simple strategy to figure out alone. As noted in our Knowledge Base article, “Computing the Average Cost for 3D Architectural Visualization”, it can be measured in both economic terms and non-economic terms. Ultimately, your end goal will depend on your ability to see the full picture of profit and loss, as well as the emotional value you’re looking to achieve for your clients.

No two architectural projects are alike—and Faraday 3D recognizes this truth. As a result, I’ve developed streamlined Knowledge Base resources to give you in-depth knowledge and streamlined answers for your individual A&D/ AEC projects:

Interior 3d visualization by Faraday 3D

Your End Result Determines Your Total Cost: What’s Your End Goal?

The fees for 3D architectural visualization or rendering— it’s quite a sketchy topic to discuss without all the facts—much less break down. The devil is in the details and there are many things to consider before making a final decision. Whether you choose a USD $500.00 or USD $10,000.00 firm is totally up to you as an A&D professional.

“The average price for high-quality 3D architectural still image is between USD $1,000.00 and USD $2,000.00,” reports online ArchViz magazine CGarchitect. “That is for small and medium projects. For huge projects, the cost could go from USD $3,000.00 and beyond depending on the specification and special challenges of the said project.”

However, that’s simply for 3D architectural still images. “For standard 3D architectural visualization videos, the cost could be anywhere between USD $5,000.00 and USD $10,000.00,” the publication explains. Such fees can easily increase depending on the location of the 3D studio, work quality, length, or complexity of the video. The prices vary from 3D studio to studio. I can assure you — the higher the quality, the higher the price in most cases.

In conclusion, the end result is what’s most vital because it ultimately determines the real cost of the 3D service. If the cheaper alternative creates more trouble than results, then the pricier option might be your wisest investment. No matter what decision you make, always be careful with any 3D architectural visualization service prices. If it’s too good to be true—then it probably is!

Don’t Be a Price Quote Victim—Let Us Help You!

At this point, you’re starting to envision a more defined direction towards determining how much to invest in your next 3D architectural visualization project. And we know that a generic price quote is nothing but pure crap in the A&D, AEC, and ArchViz industries. But as the proverb goes, “Hindsight is always 20/20.”

Don’t be a victim of that proverb. Let us help you make an informed decision.

The only way you can gain a defined answer (tailored to your unique project needs) is from a solid 3D Roadmapping session with a client-and-service-focused 3D studio. And there’s no better time than the present to contact Faraday 3D to schedule a free discovery session so that we can learn more about your firm, previous successes/failures, those upcoming projects, and accurately provide you with costs—and ultimately, our powerful 3D solutions!

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