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Dimitri Faraday 3D

Dimitri Bobkov

Project manager, founder

Igor Bobkov

Lead visualizer

That’s right…

We’re a small studio, and we’re damn proud of it

Keeping our studio comparatively small has allowed us to maintain several distinct advantages over bigger design studios around Europe and across the globe.

For one thing, it allows us to develop and maintain a stronger, more familiar relationship with our clients. Which, for many of them consider it a refreshing change. It’s nice to not feel like you’re being handed over from one department, staff member or designer to another during each step of the creative and development process.

Why do what we do?

Because we’re committed to creating value.

Simply put, we’re not in the business of 3D visualization/rendering just to make money. Our goal is to help you, the client increase the value of your business and/or your investment. Because when you succeed, then we naturally succeed in our mission.

Many of our industry peers have accused us of tending to be a bit “selective” of who we work with. And if it’s true, it’s only because of our credo:

If we can’t help a client create value, it’s not worth taking a client on. Regardless of how much a particular client may actually be worth in dollars and cents.

What do we consider the most important elements to success?

Communication and collaboration.

If we manage to succeed on both counts, then you can be reasonably assured that we will consider our working relationship with you a success. This is why we believe it’s fundamentally important that we focus our energies on those goals.

By keeping both sides of the project effectively “in the loop”, having our goals clearly identified, and ensuring that we stick to our proven process, then confidence in the project increases for everyone involved.

Rest assured that we’re highly-experienced professionals. Once we’re aboard with your particular 3D visualization project, you’ll receive nothing less than our total commitment to quality, satisfaction and best of all… results!

Give us the initial information about what your project will entail. Ask the questions you need answered, and let’s get the ball rolling on our discovery process.

Rest assured that once you talk with us, it will be easy for you to decide if we’re the right 3D visualization partner for you.

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Thomas Knutsen​

Thomas Knutsen
I have worked in close collaboration with Dimitri’s team in a couple of projects and I would definitely work with them again.

What stands out is their professionalism in all their work. From the planning phase to the design process. Dimitri comes up with very good and creative design concepts, but are also open to take my ideas and suggestions into the design. It’s a pleasure to work with a “yes we can do that” mentality company.

The finished 3D renders did exactly what they were meant to do. They were an important part of selling the properties that I was marketing.

Inpercepta AS

Thomas Knutsen