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Does that sound familiar?

You afraid of not selling your real estate

You can’t deal with selling a “hole in the ground”

You show your clients drawings that they don’t understand

As usual, the answer is found in the newest psychological discoveries and understanding how the human brain works. You probably heard the statement that people buy with emotions. However, this knowledge is not used in the real estate market.

Every day we are bombarded by commercials. It is not easy to catch a viewer’s attention in today’s world. Simple images which show your projects are unfortunately not enough. Each day it’s getting harder and harder to be noticed by our potential clients.

Sample Shots From Our Case-Studies

We create Stories Through Images

you couldn’t just walk by

We create high-quality 3D visualizations of unbuilt spaces: architectural renderings and animations, video composites, photomontages and VR.

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Who is our service for


If you want to be perceived as a professional in your industry


If you’re a developer or an investor who is willing to stand out from the crowd


If your goals are: quick sells, higher profits, and more successful business

Our service is not for you if…

You value the low price more than the quality, and inexpensive images are the most important determinant for you.
You treat the 3d graphic as a cost, not as an investment that helps you get a better return on investment
Features of the space are more important for you than the client's emotions

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Emotional 3D visualizations

Through evoking people’s emotions, we create high-quality 3D images of unbuilt spaces you couldn’t just walk by.

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Final 3D visualization by Faraday 3D


Have a form of a short video. Animations complementing the story that was created through the visualizations.

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Outsourcing 3D Rendering Service

Virtual Tours

VR gives the possibility to immerse yourself in the project, understand the size and scale of the space…

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Check out

process of cooperation with our studio

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We work on a global scale from Norway to Canada

Ludvig Miles

Ludvig Miles

Quality and flexibility combined with fair pricesIntroduction: HusabGruppen is a modern construction and real estate group of companies, located in Stockholm. Sister company Husab Bostad AB under the direction of Ludvig Miles is focused on project development of single-family homes. Challenges: Ludvig turned to Faraday 3D company with a request of producing 3D visualization materials for the marketing campaign of a future construction located at Sollentuna north of Stockholm.… Read more “Ludvig Miles”

CEO Husab Bostad AB, Sweden

Thomas Knutsen​

Thomas Knutsen

I have worked in close collaboration with Dimitri’s team in a couple of projects and I would definitely work with them again. What stands out is their professionalism in all their work. From the planning phase to the design process. Dimitri comes up with very good and creative design concepts, but are also open to take my ideas and suggestions into the design. It’s a pleasure to work with a… Read more “Thomas Knutsen​”

Thomas Knutsen

Jeremy Biddinger

Dimitri and Faraday 3D have been great to work with. He delivers a service we cannot currently provide in-house, does it on time and on budget. We have worked with Dimitri several times and will continue to utilize his expertise in the future. The quality of his work speaks for itself.

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