Indrek Kuldkepp

CEO, Avrame

I’ve been working with Dimitri on multiple projects and will continue our cooperation as my demand is not for just 3D rendering but for high quality 3D artwork.

Faraday 3D’s level of detail and artistry is crucial for my product development process.

We design a-frame homes and market them worldwide. Before launching new model we need to test the acceptance in different markets prior to start expensive engineering processes.

With Dimitri we work in 3 stages:

  • First. Creating the accurate model of the home. Our engineer works closely with Dimitri to make sure that model is not only good looking but also accurate and following our engineering principles.
  • Second. Creating the concept. How many models to display? In which natural setting, environment?
  • Third. Artwork and rendering from Faraday 3D

In conclusion.

If you need quick and cheap 3D for a small real estate project – Faraday 3D may not be your best option. If you need a partner in your product development process – you can trust Dimitri and his team and have them design a launchpad for successful new product.

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