Ludvig Miles

CEO, Husab Bostad AB

Quality and flexibility combined with fair prices


HusabGruppen is a modern construction and real estate group of companies, located in Stockholm. Sister company Husab Bostad AB under the direction of Ludvig Miles is focused on project development of single-family homes.


Ludvig turned to Faraday 3D company with a request of producing 3D visualization materials for the marketing campaign of a future construction located at Sollentuna north of Stockholm. The main challenge was in achieving the local surroundings in 3D: garden living close to Stockholm with excellent transportation opportunities. The coloring scheme is set as an abstract pallet from a forest.

Ludvig’s feedback:

What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying 3D viz service from Faraday 3D?

  • Geographical distance obstacles: None. Distance from Sweden to Estonia isn´t a problem in case of producing digital solutions.
  • Language barrier: None. Dimitri – main contact and co-owner of Faraday 3D speak English well. By thorough explanation and references most of what I, as a client want, can be understood.
  • The only problematic point is a photographic montage. In that case, we need to take the pictures ourselves or hire locals and that can cause us small troubles.

What did you find as a result of buying this service? What specific feature did you like most about us?

  • We are very pleased with the results which Faraday 3D team did. Dimitri’s team seems eager to listen and very flexible. We also got a bonus images which we did not ordered, but they turned to be very useful in explaining for a our customers how future houses will look like from every side.

Would you recommend Faraday 3D visualization service? If so, why?

  • Yes definitely, quality and flexibility combined with fair prices.

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