What to Look For in a 3D Visualization Studio

If you only need a 3D visualization project every once in a while, seeking the services of 3D architectural visualization companies is a more sensible choice. In fact, this is what most businesses opt for.

By working with 3D architectural rendering firms, you can have your 3D projects completed without the need to spend your company’s resources on in-house 3D artists who will only perform works during certain occasions.

This not only allows you to save more on overhead costs, but it also guarantees a huge time-saving perk considering that you don’t have to train each of them and teach the basics of your company. With the use of innovative collaborative platforms, such as Trello, the fear of not being able to monitor your outsourced 3D projects is becoming a thing of the past. You can now rest assured that your project is in good hands, as long as you work with a reliable 3D rendering studio.

ArchiSnapper’s Jerry S. explains his strongest strategy towards winning better deals, working less, and getting projects that architects and developers can actually enjoy. “I like to look at every little task that I encountered throughout my day and ask, ‘Could someone else do this for me?’ Since most of these tasks saves me a few significant hours, I can expect to save from 20-40 hours per month just by outsourcing my work.” He further adds, “If you really take advantage of outsourcing you can save up to 100 hours per month.”

And he’s right.

So, now it’s time for your architect/development firm to join the ranks and leverage your own time-saving, cost-effective strategy. But before you go 3D studio hunting, you’ll need to target your business needs first.

5 Major Questions to Ask Yourself

Important Questions to Ponder Before You Decide to Work with a 3D Studio

If you’re ready to leave the 3D work to others as you focus more on the important points of your business, then working with a 3D visualization studio is your best choice. However, before you even start searching and collaborating, you should first answer the following questions. Make sure you take note of your answers, as they will help you—big time—during your search for a reliable 3D visualization studio.

Question #1: What type of business do you own?

Decide what your business is like, which industry it belongs to, what are its objectives, mission, and vision. Also, determine how your business is different compared to its competitors. What makes it unique? Which customer groups are you targeting? How can you meet all of their needs?

Question #2: What are you hoping to achieve?

Decide on what output you want to achieve. Do you expect a reaction from your customers or prospects after seeing your 3D art? If so, what type of reaction are you expecting?

Question #3: What do you or your business need?

You need to know exactly what your business needs. Through this, you will be able to choose an architectural 3D visualization and rendering company more easily. Be as specific as much as possible. Specify the themes, lighting, quantity, sizes, and several other elements that you want to be included in the 3D project you need.

Not only will it help you obtain a 3D rendering service at a reasonable price, but it also helps your chosen 3D visualization studio create a successful project based on your specifications. Lastly, look for some samples that are closely similar to what you’re expecting.

Question #4: What’s your budget?

Know what your current budget will be and how much you’re willing to pay for a 3D architectural rendering studio’s service. It’s ideal to set your minimum and maximum amount. However, make sure you’re prepared to adjust your budget, especially if the project demands more work and is quite complicated. The best advice is to specify whether your budget is fixed or flexible so your chosen 3D studio can adjust easily.

Question #5: When’s your expected deadline?

It’s a good idea to give enough time for your chosen 3D studio to do their job properly. Give them a more realistic timeline. To know how much time is required to complete your project, you need to discuss your project with them in detail. Include a certain allowance to cover any unexpected scenarios or emergencies.

Since 3D visualization is a process that requires a bit of time to create amazing results, rushing your 3D architectural visualization studio will only result in a poorly finished work. Always keep in mind that rushed work won’t bring you any good results.

After you have come up with answers to the above questions, the next step is to look for the right 3D studio to work with.

Exterior 3d visualization by Faraday 3D

Exterior 3d visualization by Faraday 3D

The Good and the Bad: What to Look for in a 3D ArchViz Studio

We’ve (first) pinpointed your business needs and built your confidence in 3D visualization outsourcing. Let’s direct your attention to summary of highlights and red flags to look out for when pursuing the best 3D Visualization studio. Whether you’re outsourcing a 3D studio locally or abroad, there are both negative and positive attributes you’re going to really want to target.


Don’t simply entertain the amount of 3D works a designer claims to have completed. Do your research. Step back and see the whole picture (pun intended). Follow these three simple steps:

  • First, you gauge the 3D studio’s actual work quality
  • Second, evaluate the number of items included in the 3D studio’s online portfolio
  • Third, ask questions if you have concerns and make a conclusion based on their answers. If something looks suspicious, just ask—and examine “what” and “how” the 3D studio responds

For an in-depth look at how to determine good 3D studio artists from the bad ones — from photorealism to filtered customer reviews — visit Faraday 3D’s Knowledge Base, where we share up-to-date tips and sure-fire strategies to help sort out all of your 3D studio choices.


A major part of any architect and developer 3D outsourcing concerns is being able to know what to expect regarding work pace and monitoring the 3D studio’s workflow as time progresses. Whether you’re serving a client or trying to gain investors, time management is critical.

“We gain real-time feedback and a higher class of productivity when we assign our higher-end creative 3D projects to our go-to offshore studio—in comparison to our latest experiences with local 3D rendering studios,” explained a senior Project Manager from Urban Development and Partners.

The best local and offshore 3D visualization studios will always begin communications with a solid 3D roadmapping session. Look out for openness, communication skills, and gain an understanding about how they collaborate with their 3D studio team—no matter how small or big.

Be cautious of 3D studios that can’t provide you with any details about how they’d avoid new client workflow chaos. Confirm whether they are truly a 3D studio with fast, high-quality rendering abilities or simply a single 3D artist with one computer. Don’t forget—one of the benefits of outsourcing 3D visualization studio abroad is the flexibility of time zones and ease of communications through the power of online meeting apps and platforms.


You’ve got your eye on a few potential 3D studios by now. You feel confident that their able to produce renders and visualizations for your clients that draw their emotions and their workflow is streamlined. But will that 3D studio break your budget due to the lack of a proper roadmapping session or offer you an “unbelievable discount” that comes with cheap-looking renders? Computing the price for 3D architectural visualizations is going to be a major key to unlocking the pricing mystery for your specific project needs.

And Always Remember…

There are two main goals of any business: one is to generate profits, and the other is to improve the overall quality of its products for its customers. When narrowing down your 3D studio options, seek one that will meet both of these goals—and can actively demonstrate this through their portfolio and proven workflow successes.

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