Do you really need a cheaper 3D visualization service?

Statistics show that clients who opt for cheaper services are less happy with the results than those who opted for costlier arrangements.

There’s Always Somebody That’ll Do It Cheaper

This article is intended for those clients who are fond of saying, “I know somebody willing to do this job at a cheaper price than yours.” If you are among these clients, you must read this article!

Let’s keep it straight. The one thought that every 3D artist has for you: “I don’t need that type of client.”

The resulting action is obvious – you’ll be rejected. No good 3D artist wants to work cheap labor… except for the newbies who are still trying to get niche-related experiences.

Now, let’s try to fathom what you’re looking for by breaking it down into three key factors: quality, value, and low cost.

1. Quality

In the field of 3D visualization, quality work can only be attained through constant practice, and there is always a learning curve along the way. Every artist should continually learn new stuff to generate quality results every single time.

But the challenge exists when an artist can’t dedicate time to develop his or her skills. If an artist works 5 days a week, 8 to 12 hours each day, they’ll only have the weekends to practice and to attend to many other personal matters. With such an intense working scenario, how long do you think a 3D artist will last? Could it be 3 months or perhaps a year? The time frame may differ but sure enough, every single one will eventually be burned out.

It is unlikely for someone to stay afloat with such rigidity for long!

Thus, the best practice is for 3D artists to dedicate at least one day a week to upskill. And you, the client, when aiming for good quality work, should pay for this dedicated time.

I can sense that you already have objections now, but let’s leave this discussion for a later article. The point here: a quality 3D visualization project takes ample time to develop. After all, you can’t expect a new artist to generate amazing output without going through the bushes and thickets. Whether a single artist or an entire team does it, quality 3D visualization takes time!

2. Value

If you’re hoping to add value, it will take even more time for 3D artists to get the job done. Why? Because they will need to understand your business goals too! Value and quality are interrelated but are two completely different things.

A good 3D artist can give you superior 3D renders but may not bring you any new customers.

In this case, he does not provide value to your business. In the end, you’ll only have pretty pictures that don’t reflect what your customers need.

When a 3D artist guarantees quality-driven/valuable results and gives you exactly what you need, such services could never be cheap. Taking the burden and risks off your shoulders and passing them on to your 3D artist couldn’t – and shouldn’t – be given for free.

3. Low Cost

Now, we’re down to the last factor. If you’re a client who’s after the lowest cost artist available, you’re also someone who doesn’t care who does your 3D projects. So, if you find someone else offering a cheaper deal, you wouldn’t hesitate to switch to that artist.

Next time, you’ll move on again to a cheaper one… and then to another. One of the essential things in business is creating relationships between and among parties. However, it is clear that in your case, no relationships will be built. There wouldn’t be future projects to talk about and you’ll end up becoming strangers to each other once again.

Put yourself in your 3D artist’s shoes. Why would he focus on spending his valuable time with you when he can find someone else who’ll grant him the opportunity to work on numerous projects? Understandably, he will reject your request.

Exterior 3d visualization by Faraday 3D

Location, location, location…

The artist’s location is another factor you often consider when talking about your plans to a potential partner. More often than not, you think that it could determine the amount of money you should pay them for the same kind of services. If you’re talking to a 3D artist or a company from the US, Australia, or Europe, you’d be willing to pay more for 3D Architectural Visualizations than those from developing countries.

Studios and other necessary tools and facilities are of course available in the developing countries. Yet, we all know that the cost of living is much lower within their borders compared to those of Europe and the US. Just imagine living in these countries and earning the same salary. It is just incomprehensible and physically impossible. So, you shouldn’t expect a US company to charge the same rate as one from Africa.

Although the difference in the cost of living among countries is real, it is disrespectful to charge anyone a rate that is below the minimum. This clearly manifests your lack of respect for them as people and as artists.

How can you deal with it?

What else can you do, other than offer a fair trade and avoid annoying your future 3D artists? It’s simple, really. After checking an artist’s country of residence, research their median salary. It is important to note also that when you deal with a company, an artist is paid much less than what you will pay the company.

In general, a 50% tax is imposed on the sum. Take the median salary and multiply it by 2, or much better, 3 in an account of the tools (i.e. office space, computer software, etc.) that an artist uses. Put simply; take everything that costs money into consideration. (The overall cost of a 3D artist’s tools will be discussed in another article.)

If you need a 3D project, you should know that the approximate time frame to complete the task is relatively higher. With a good quality image and a series of requested changes, it will probably take about a week.

Take the median salary again, multiply it by 3, and divide it by 4 to get an idea of how much a single artist costs for a week’s work. Thereafter, you can look for a 3D artist to ask him if he could get the job done for the specified amount.

Final Thoughts

Remember that the 3D artist’s rate could also depend on the expenses he will incur upon working on your project. This requires some level of understanding, but at least you won’t offend or anger the artist. Only in this way will you be able to ensure much better services, as the artist will surely pay close attention to the details. Best of all, you will be assured of a positive return on investment through 3D Architectural Visualizations.

One last thing! Did you know that cheaper services are at a higher risk for failure than costlier ones? Additionally, statistics show that clients who opt for cheaper services are less happy with the results than those who opted for costlier arrangements. Don’t just believe it. Act on it!

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