What should the best interior 3d rendering look like

It certainly takes amazing skill and experience to master the art of 3D interior design images. And choosing the right architectural visualization 3D studio to help you launch that next architectural idea or project can seem like a daunting task.

There’s an overwhelming number of details you need to pay attention to if you want your 3D images to turn out just right for your architectural project — and it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve this.

Even the smallest changes in the texture, lighting, or décor can have a huge impact on the overall appeal of your 3D interior render and can mean the difference between an obviously photoshopped image — and a photo-realistic one.
Fortunately, Faraday 3D has you covered!

Today, Faraday 3D shares with you our comparisons, thoughts, and facts targeting the best 3D interior rendering — to help take your next architectural project to the next level.

There is a saying in sales: the shortest path to a sale lies through the customer’s hands. Sensing every curve, flipping every switch and moving whatever there is to move creates a strong desire to own. This is why salesmen will always insist that you take that gadget in your hands.

But what if you are a real estate agency or an architectural firm trying to sell a yet-unfinished and hence impalpable property? One solution is to forget the above law. The other one is to resort to high-end interior 3D rendering, making the sight alone work for the other four senses. Is it possible? Let’s see.

Here are five works by true masters of 3D visualization. Your first reaction will be “wow, these are beautiful shots”! But in reality these interiors are designed on a computer. You can spend hours eyeing them, so vivid and realistic they are in each detail and nuance.

Interior by Faraday 3D

Interior 3d visualization by Faraday 3D

Interior 3d visualization by Faraday 3D

We’re really proud to present you with this work. More images from this interior you can see on Behance

Take a look at the following things:

  • overall lightning: we tried to replicate the Scandinavian style interior lightning which looks great on this render quite a lot of small details but whole interior is not overwhelmed
  • pay attention to floor texture. In some places it reflects light, in some it’s not. It doesn’t look as crystal new as you may see on ordinary renders. By taking a look at this floor – you understand – people are living here which creates warm feelings about this interior.

And if the interior rises feelings – then the work of 3D is completely done. This is the end goal of best interior 3D renders – wake up feelings and emotions in the eyes of potential buyers.

This is a special, very emotional work:

interior 3d visualziation

  • Look at the water running from the tap. It is so well crafted that you can almost hear the sound of it slapping against the sink!
  • Another fine detail is the bottle surface. Note the reflections, which are not perfect, as a less diligent designer would make them, but accurately conveying a realistic, uneven glass texture.
  • The cloth under the bottles and the soap (another well-crafted item!) shows every fold! It is also slightly translucent, like a leaf looked through at a sunny day. Such subtleties are seldom taken care of, but they count for a great deal of realism.
  • The scene has a realistic depth of field and chromatic aberrations.

As a result, no homemaker would resist the urge to spend a couple of hours cooking here. More works of this author you can find here.

Any 3D interior has a purpose

Interior 3d visualization

  • Any 3D interior has a purpose: to make the customer want to live (work, play — delete as applicable) inside it. Here she will be able to see all she needs to make the right decision:
  • The incredibly detailed brick wall, with a hand-crafted, non-repetitive texture, slight cracks and stains — just as a real one would be.
  • The bedspread with unbelievably authentic folds and elaborate materials. You can almost feel the coolness of the silk as you stroke it in your mind’s eye.
  • The wooden wall with painstakingly nuanced texture and materials, making the rendering indistinguishable from a professional photograph.
  • Flawlessly rendered details create an atmosphere of coziness and spiritual freedom, so valued by the creative type. No artist would withstand the desire to own this small studio. More works of this author you can find here.

This interior 3d rendering has a whole range of features

Interior 3d visualization

  • This 3D rendering has a whole range of features making it the best in our today’s review:
  • The material of the sofa is crafted so thoroughly that you can spend hours watching its elegant roughness, imagining its cushy upholstery embracing your body and the exquisite scent of its leather entering your nostrils.
  • The atmosphere is just right: the lighting is soft, avoiding glares on bright surfaces.
  • There are chromatic aberrations — those almost imperceptible “fringes” of color along high-contrast boundaries that come naturally in a photograph. Fancy what a real pro can make with bare hands!
  • If you only see the final result, you might think: “Okay, that’s good interior photography, but that’s it.” This is precisely the point. A truly remarkable interior 3d rendering work will make you forget that it is actually a 3D visualization, so elaborate and realistic it is!
  • This rendering conveys the atmosphere and subtleties of the interior and serves as a great promotion for a company that was wise enough to hire a truly professional 3D designer. More works of this author you can find here.

A cozy interior 3d rendering

armchair 3d visualization

  • This cozy 3D interior also meets all the mentioned criteria:
  • If you take a closer look at the chair, you will see dents, scratches and scuffs, as if it’s several years old. With such a degree of elaborateness, it’s almost impossible to argue that it is a visualization and not real photography.
  • The carpet has an authentic texture with no repetitive patterns and correctly conveys natural lighting and shadows.
  • Even the concrete wall, though hard to be seen, is a bit dusty and stained: the designer took care of subtleties that you would perceive on the unconscious level only.
  • The visualized space has a realistic depth of field.
  • More works of this author you can find here.

Agape project

chair 3d visualization near the window

  • The shabby window frame is scratched and its painting a bit cracked and uneven.
  • There is an authentic reflection in the window glass. A while ago it would definitely mean that it’s a photograph we’re looking at.
  • The chair leather is scratched and scuffed, revealing its venerable age.
  • Leaves on the twigs are so elaborate that you could literally feel their autumnal dryness.
  • The floor is anything but simple, one more proof that the designer paid a great deal of attention to the assignment.
  • The brightest spots are a bit overexposed, as if shot with a camera and not created from the ground up using computer software.
  • The “gem” of the rendering is the old drying rack on the right. Its every feature, however inconspicuous, is elaborated to the finest detail: scratches, cracking paint, and cloth hanging down in folds as if about to come off and fall down at any moment.

Due to the sedulous approach to details, the author precisely expressed the mood and atmosphere of the room. More 3d renderings of this author you can find here.


woman in 3d visualization

Interior designer and 3D artist Tatyana Shevchenko is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Her style is sleek and minimalistic.

The elegance of this project offers warmth and refinement for the eye of any onlooker. The interior designer has created an entire room based on a neutral yet earthy color palette. Creamy whites compliment burnt oranges and light wood tones, capturing the essence of a warm, sandy beach or a dry desert fire. The natural lighting is soft and serene. The décor offers a spirit of classic vintage balanced with an eye for modern design.

The woman in the first image is integrated perfectly into the frame, blending seamlessly with the warm tones. Her faint smile suggests she feels comfortable and empowered by the graceful arrangement of the space.

The imperfections of various objects create a sense of realism for the whole of the interior. Stunning texture from scratches, smudges, and dents create bright spots and shadows that draw the eye to just the right places throughout the photograph.

The excellent camera positioning offers a picturesque perspective. The positioning of each element in the photograph, from the contemporary furnishings to the beautiful color palette, is ripe with artistry and visual beauty. To craft such high-quality images, one must employ the best interior 3D rendering software available.

Shelby’s Cabinet

cabinet 3d visualization

Denis Fomin is a visual artist based out of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Working with interior designers, he uses the best rendering tools and rendering software available to create images of exquisite 3D visualization quality.

In this photograph, the deep shadows of the dark cherry wood and leather are juxtaposed perfectly with the restrained glow emitting from each of the large windows. The high-quality atmospheric lighting creates a cinematographic mood harkening back to a lost era of opulence and class.

The ambiance is made all the more rich by the complimentary interior design. Old leather chairs, shining wooden tables smoldering gently in the natural light, and the sturdy dark wood palette create a coziness.

There is a touch of chaos sprinkled throughout the room, offering a pop of bright colors in the form of the fruit bowl and spirits tray. The viewer feels they’ve entered the room just after its occupants finished negotiating over a cigar and whiskey.

A thoughtful camera angle creates depth by offering the eye multiple levels across the plane of sight, one of the best 3d rendering techniques one can use. The oversized wooden desk and armchairs sit a few steps above the table and chairs, which sit closest to the camera.

The image suggests a meticulously crafted design process using state-of-the-art rendering software.

CGI Wood Place

CG Artist Nikolay Limanskiy 3d visualization

CG Artist Nikolay Limanskiy is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. To create his interior 3d rendering design visualizations and high-quality images, he uses 3dsMax Corona Render and Photoshop – one the best 3d rendering software available.

In Wood Palace, we look upon a small but mighty corner of the room. Rich scarlet and coffee tones offer the kind of warmth one finds when gazing into the embers of a dying fire. The wooden walls are textured with indented squares and imperfect wood grains, bringing a sense of reality to the image.

The light and shadow play creates a beautiful depth of field that invites the eye to wander up and down the 3d rendering. Daylight pours into the room through a window that seems as if it has been thrown open for fresh morning air. The stark contrast between the dark shadows of the corners and the sudden bursts of light flowing through the window adds dramatic contrast. There are more subtle shifts in light found in the glare of the light fixtures that add even more natural elements of detail.

Contemporary abstract art hangs in the background, and two modern, iridescent chandelier orbs dangle in the foreground. The two statement pieces add a stylish, avant-garde accent to the room’s otherwise vintage decor. There is impeccable attention to detail in the individual leaves of plants and the texture of brush strokes in the painting. The tiny knobs on the table in the distance cast such a believable shadow, one imagines they could reach out and grab them.

The 3d rendering features a variety of textures that create authentic layers of realism. Ridges emerge from cushions of the chairs. A lush red area rug with muted geometric patterns offers a splash of warmth against the cool, tan, sandy wood of the floor. The square indents of the wooden wall panels is complemented by the squares of glass in the French doors. An antique, delicate handle looks ready to turn as you prepare to emerge into the next room of the house. Raise your gaze at the top of the image to behold gorgeous, antique molding that reveals the home has a story ripe with history.


scene from the movie

This project features images seen in the movie Her directed by Spike Jonze. A team of specialized interior designers collaborated using the best rendering software on the market to create the city apartment setting of the film.

The wall of windows opens up the room and invites an abundance of natural light into the apartment. An inviting level of clutter can be seen throughout the room, leaving the reader to wonder more about the man in the foreground. Boxes are strewn here and there, and papers lie scattered on the floor, all symbolic of a man who is in transition.

Small details abound. An extension cable descends from the computer and trails off out of the frame. A painting leans against the wall, partially covered by a plush red cushion. Impressive textures breathe even more life into this interior 3d rendering. The sunlight highlights the crafted leather upholstery, which offers an elegant roughness.

An ornate area rug offers a visually captivating reprieve from the otherwise simplistic environment. The busy geometric design and bright cherry red pops against the dark wood floor and deep brown leather chair. We can’t say more – this is a high-class interior 3d rendering.

Small Nordic Kitchen

nordic kitchen 3d visualization

Artist and form visualization expert Wade Muller of Sydney, Australia, offers a perspective of understated warmth and simplicity.

The first impression upon looking at the small Nordic kitchen is that you’re seeing a beautifully staged photograph of a real kitchen. In reality, this visually stunning interior design is another great interior 3d rendering created by 3d rendering software. Everything about this room is realistic – from the gorgeous window and detailed wood grains of the cabinets to the scratches on the neutral tiles of the floor.

The stunning minimalist design looks like it was staged by a professional interior designer. Light pours into the room from the bright window, highlighting the floor and tabletop while casting heavy shadows across the floor. The reflection of the chair and plants on the glass of the microwave oven offer undeniably realistic depth. Such an intricate reflection seems authentic to life, yet it too was created by expert rendering software.

Fine details emerge throughout the scene the longer you inspect it. A slender chord runs down the wall from the light fixture. A second light fixture peaks out from behind the wooden cabinet. A cozy mug of hot tea awaits next to stacks of vintage books. In the window sill the viewer finds even more expertly crafted books leaning casually against the window frame. The scene succeeds in emitting a vibe that’s welcoming and warm.

Green Smoke

green smoke 3d visualization

Interior designer and 3D artist Magdalena Marczak of Poznan, Poland offers a unique perspective in this interior 3d rendering. This 3d conceptual project draws its inspiration from the imagery of green smoke. Emerald and forest greens are thus the leading theme and color palette for this opulent bathroom scene. The room seems expertly crafted by interior designers, but don’t be fooled – this is yet another stunning product of 3D rendering software.

An eclectic collection of delicate square tiles representing a range of dark and light greens fill the walls and matching countertop. You can practically feel the smooth green tiles beneath your toes. Leafy plant tendrils descend from plants dangling high out of frame, offering a lively variety of texture and depth. The material of the bathtub offers natural imperfections with subtle scratches and dents. One can hardly resist the urge to climb into a warm bubble bath and relax on a calm evening. The peaceful and authentic atmosphere is rich with fine details that transport the viewer to the scene.

The use of light and shadows throughout the frame is masterful. Bright spots bounce off of the rounded edges of one tiled wall while dark shadows draw the eye to explore the entirety of the scene. The glimmer of the golden faucet and photographic shadowing of the rounded sink bowl is true to life.

This interior 3d rendering is exquisitely crafted down to the smallest attributes. Note the elegant folds and fuzzy texture of the towel. It seems effortlessly draped as though someone just dried their hands. Above the towel are small glass soap containers with exquisitely tiny and intricate nozzles. The painted wall beyond the tiled sink bears the smooth brush strokes of an expertly finished coat of paint. A truly great interior 3d rendering.

What do these interior 3d renderings have in common?

It is the authentic atmosphere, as though you are standing inside these interiors and hear the sounds, sense the smells, touch the textures. If you present your services with such 3D visualizations at hand, the customers will feel as though they have really visited these rooms.

Which brings us back to the beginning of the article: let people touch what you are offering, and they will become your happy clients. And this is what a high-quality interior 3D design makes possible.

Short CGI experiment for your inspiration by Bertrand Benoit:

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