How to Differentiate Your Architecture Firm with Stunning Visualizations

A young architecture firm or startup construction company probably won’t have a huge pool of built work to pull promotional material from. What they will have is a ton of interesting ideas and probably many good, in-progress designs to prove it.

No doubt, it’s important to get those designs out there and show people why your services are valuable. Nothing trumps built work. However, a realistic image of something — that will be built someday — goes a long way in showing people why they should hire your architect, engineering, or construction firm (AEC).

If you’re ready to set your firm apart and get your ideas across in the most compelling manner, then now is the time to upgrade your business approach, translate your designs into photo-realism, and turn to the experts in 3D architectural visualization.

Many Industries are Turning to 3D Visualizations — Don’t Get Left Behind in the Trend of Innovation

Real estate agents and development firms are using visualizations to put home sellers and buyers into homes that haven’t even broken ground yet, all with the help of convincing 3D visualizations of their future home.

The visual capabilities of 3D studios have led to more pre-sales than ever before. It’s a promising trend that allows families to ‘see and feel’ exactly what they are buying, providing well designed housing to those who value good architecture.

Pre-sales aside, there’s plenty for a real estate business to gain from a go-to 3D rendering studio. Even a space that has been around since the 1960’s can be digitalized to breath new life into it, showing it off in a refurbished to lure buyers and make sales. It might seem devious to pull off that kind of 3D magic or wizardry, but the realism that the smartest 3D artists can achieve these days will accurately and truthfully show the potential of existing space.

And your architectural clients will appreciate you for that — and seal the deal.

Don’t Just Demonstrate It — Make It an All-in-one Solution!

The architecture and design industries — in particular — have come a long way in how they market and promote their latest ideas with the use of visualization and rendering software. Just about any company you can think of that produces a ‘thing’ has used digital imagery to show off it’s capabilities. The way that idea or product is shown matters… not only to demonstrate what that ‘thing’ is and what it does, but also the lifestyle it embodies.

If the imagery of your idea is off, then it won’t sell. Architect business owners know this, and have poured significant resources into making their marketing campaigns revolve around the artistic images they (or their team) can develop. From the auto industry to gaming software titans.

And now, it’s your turn.

What are your long-term goals and what do you hope to achieve through this investment in 3D visualizations and renders? If you’re in it just to see how many ideas you’ll get on the board, you’ll end up as equally disappointed as the potential leads you’re losing.

It’s time to make your imagery and ideas count — 100%. Here are several remarkable ways to differentiate your architect firm with high-quality visualizations from a 3D studio.

Measure Your Client’s Goals through 3D Visualizations

You can make innovative and impressive presentations to clients to capture their interest, but more importantly, you can also use it to manage their expectations.

The biggest benefit of architectural visualization is that clients don’t have to wait until the project is done to know what it’s going to look like — or cost.

You can use 3D architectural visualizations to introduce your clients to each step of the project development, which is the main point of using visualizations to further market your work.

Interior 3d visualization by Faraday 3D

Two Impactful Ways to Use 3D Renders — to Represent Your Firm

To best showcase your experience, expertise, and skills, use before and after images of your projects. Digitally recreate your projects by using photorealistic architectural rendering to bring them to life on your website. You can do it in two ways:

  • Display your development and work by blogging 3D imagery and include all the available information as this is extremely valuable for your prospects and clients as an architect firm. Your 3D visuals are supposed to showcase the functionality and glory of your projects — but also provide the audience with a clearer view of the project to draw their attention and evoke positive emotions.
  • Showcase your mastery by placing only the highest quality of 3D renderings in your portfolio. You must look at your portfolio as the architect’s display case with the most stunning, impeccable imagery. Always remember: 3D renderings are much better than standard photography.

We can’t say it enough: never skimp on quality when it comes to your reputation. The only successful marketing for AECs is when the firm’s reputation precedes it. The main goal of your marketing campaign isn’t only to present your company as experts but as demanded professionals and opinion leaders in your industry. Invest wisely in the right 3D studio.

Make a Bolder Statement in Your Presentations — through 3D Visualizations

Don’t forget about the power of whitepapers. You can use a whitepaper as a report. That way, you’re being very proactive in the “promoting and educating” side for your thought-leadership towards prospects, which makes your potential client even more interested — but more importantly — encouraged to further explore your architect firm. You can build a mail list much faster if you offer a whitepaper and ask for a newsletter subscription in exchange.

It’s true — whitepapers aren’t that eye-catching… but you can change that. They’re already extremely useful and educative. Now, you can make them more interesting by including photos and 3D renderings as your prospects want visual proof of your skills more than anything else.

Remember to focus more on educating the client — not simply selling the client.

Speaking of emails and newsletters, once you capture the attention of your targeted audience, you can engage with them further by using email marketing tactics. Text-only emails aren’t enough to fully captivate your potential prospects — they need clear proof! A demonstration of your mastery and skills — as this will surely and without any doubt encourage them to get in touch with your firm.

Win Those Architectural Contests — Grab Their Attention and Show You are a True Professional!

You can’t win that next design contest if you aren’t the best of the best. So, that means that you have to prove yourself, not only as a bringer of ideas and one of the best, but also as a pre-eminent professional.

Someone who can change things as they see fit. And potential clients and investors absolutely love this — your ability to reduce the need for changes and/or the ability to make changes fast.

If you’ve never considered entering architectural contests, then now is the time — especially once you’ve leveraged high-quality, solid, and diverse interior and exterior 3D architectural visualizations. These contests can serve your marketing purposes very effectively. On top of all that, most contests attract hundreds and thousands of participants. It’s an excellent opportunity to see what are the top leading technology trends in architectural marketing today.

This is where 3D graphics play a critical role in your marketing efforts. They are easy to notice and are an excellent way to highlight all the benefits and advantages of your project. Matter of fact, it’s absolutely safe to say that 3D rendering can help you win that next contest. 3D architectural visualizations support your abilities to include all the benefits of your ideal solution in a context along with your 3D graphics to make them see why your project is better than all the others.

Ready to Get Recognized? We’re Eager to Learn More About Your Ideas — and Help You Get There!

If executed right, 3D visualizations and renders are a sure way to find reliable partners, gain public and brand recognition, grow your business, expand your firm’s client base — and simply stand out from the rest.
In summary, two key points to help your potential investors and clients recognize you above all others:

Visualization is the greatest part of your architectural storytelling and a sure way to capture the eye — and heart — of your targeted audience.

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