A House Is Never Really Just A “House”

Whether it’s building your “dream home,” or conceiving the design of that all-important first home, it will always be something special. A home becomes a safe, comfortable refuge. A place where you disconnect from the rest of the world and be yourself. The home is indeed your castle, your domain.

And while most people have a reasonably good idea of what they would like their dream home to look like, they can’t quite fully visualize it most of the time. Take, for example, a recent design project for a high-end English-style spec house that we worked on. It was a firm that couldn’t quite flesh out their team’s ideas regarding colors, textures, or even the basic style for the home that they were looking to build, causing undue and expensive delays.

For months, everyone argued back and forth. Submitting their own mockups, ideas, sending memos back and forth, held endless meetings and so on. The various participants at the firm argued back and forth, seemingly endlessly. They submitted their own design ideas, sent memos back and forth, attended hours worth of meetings, and so on. Yet, they could never collectively decide on anything final.

Enter Faraday 3D…

After months of pounding away at the project with little or nothing to show for it, one of their principals contacted us. After discussing the issues they were having, we recommended doing a series of 3D renderings of various design ideas and concepts that multiple people involved in the project were contributing. With a well-developed 3D rendering process, Team members can get a clearer vision of home design and its unique ideas, it would help move the project along.

Fortunately, we were able to help the client firm get a more concise understanding of the various ideas being tossed around for this particular project. A well-executed 3D architectural visualization was all that was needed for things to move forward.

english-style house 3d visualization

In no time at all, there was ample agreement among the project’s participants to take the project forward. In fact, thanks to the power of our 3D rendering efforts, the process was dramatically accelerated. Progress was counted in days rather than weeks or months. It didn’t take long until a final design concept was agreed upon and taken beyond the proverbial drawing board.

Suffice to say, that were it not for Faraday’s involvement, they would probably still be arguing over design ideas, concepts, and various other details.

3D architectural visualization can turn any “dream home” project into a reality!

Having the power to visualize every aspect and detail of a home design project can make all the difference. By being able to imagine exactly what your ideas and imagination are bringing to the table, you’re better able to grasp them and turn them into reality!

Better yet, 3D visualization also helps designers avoid costly errors and design flaws that often don’t present themselves until well into the construction phase of the project. This makes 3D architectural visualization a must in today’s idea marketplace that is continuously evolving.

Let’s face it, when you visualize something in your mind, making it a reality can be extremely difficult, if not impossible. By tapping into the power of 3D rendering, it’s far easier for ideas living in your mind to get turned into powerful ideas on paper or the AutoCAD screen. It also allows teams to properly plan and execute projects in a smoother, more fluid manner.

english-style house 3d visualization

Seeing is definitely believing…

3D architectural visualization is more than just making a sketch look better. It takes an idea, drawing or concept to entirely new levels. When you can fully appreciate the process of fleshing out a plan into three dimensions, vibrant colors, textures, and other elements, there is far more happening.

With this innovative process, you’re essentially taking a sharp, multi-angled photo in the future, with a crystal-clear view. Let us know how we can help you develop your house project, into truly a dream home.

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