Case-study: Is It Real… or Is It Virtual?

If you saw the picture below on Facebook, Instagram or even a website, you’d probably assume that it’s as real as any other outdoor photo of a home or landscape that you’ll come across while scrolling.

Photo-montage by Faraday 3D

Well, as you can probably surmise by now, this image is a 3D photo montage of a wooden house situated in a pristine alpine backdrop.

However, before we ever get to this final product stage, we first rendered the image of this house model to a white background.

Photo-montage by Faraday 3D


Because once that’s done, we can further develop it to fit any background and setting that is desired by the client or end user.

See, by modeling a 3D structure against a white background first, it gives us the ability to be even more creative than if we skipped this step. We can then further create stunning photo montages (such as the one above) with a highly-efficient process.

The end result?

Super-realistic images which are virtually indistinguishable from an actual photo of structure in a real-world physical state.

That’s the TRUE power of 3D photo montage!

This powerful capability is somewhat unique in the 3D modeling/imaging space. It’s a process that delivers a whole new level of power. Power to create incredibly photo-realistic 3D photo montages and models for even our most-demanding clients.

In our experience, many of the clients that we work with need to go beyond the norm. With this level of quality in their renderings, fully conveying their ideas to their buyers and investors becomes far more effective.

By tapping into the power of 3D photo montages, the “Faraday way,” you too can gain a significant advantage over the competition, regardless of your respective industry.

It’s clear that the benefits of tapping into a quality 3D photo montage are numerous, if not obvious.

Photo-montage by Faraday 3D

Photo-montage by Faraday 3D

For one thing, a 3D montage makes it easier for a client to showcase ideas and visions. Best of all, in a way that will make their presentations memorable. When doing presentations, being extraordinary is half the battle when it comes to securing deals.

Another point worth mentioning, 3D photo montages are highly flexible. They can be created to achieve whatever the end goal may be whether it’s to secure a buyer for a pre-sale unit or to line up investors for a major upcoming project.

Thanks to the power of effects, lighting and other refinements, we can create a 3D photo montage that will do convey the exact message that you want to get across, with passion and verve.

Keep in mind that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Mesmerize your prospects with an eye-catching 3D photo montage, and rest assured that you will keep their attention all the way to deal time.

Photo-montage by Faraday 3D

Photo-montage by Faraday 3D

What’s even better, is that our 3D photo montage process actually reduces the development time for quality 3D visualization, while increasing efficiency at the same time. That means a higher-quality and attention-grabbing product for a lower cost than what is typical for this level of rendering work. With the power of 3D photo montage, the sky is the limit. You can even custom-design and/or visually manipulate the terrain of a project that will be altered at the time of construction. What’s more, all of this can be done with a high degree of accuracy.

By tapping into the power of 3D photo montages, developers gain a new tool to convince municipal government authorities to approve an ambitious building project. With the power to provide definitive visual representations of a pending project, as well as its projected effect and impact on the local area, gaining approvals should be far more manageable.

What can a realistic 3D photo montage do for your project?

Regardless of your goals or ambitions, you will gain a distinct advantage in being able to convey your vision to the eyes that matter most. Being able to fully-visualize your building plans in a way that makes it easy for others to understand will deliver advantages far beyond the value of a potentially lucrative development or marketing deal. Being able to apply this visualization power to meet a variety of needs and goals only underscores the true potential of quality 3D photo montage creation.

Whether you’re planning a residential or commercial project or engineering a new building design, 3D photo montages can give a distinct advantage. Rest assured that with proper utilization you’ll gain a modern edge in the marketplace.

Even better, you’ll also engage potential buyers and clients with a whole new level of ease. While at the same time, showing your competitors that your firm is on the leading edge.

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