The Best Architectural Rendering Companies You Can Find Online

3D architectural rendering is one of the trends in modern architecture right now, especially considering that there are lots of top-notch architectural rendering companies that specialize in 3D visualization.

For these ArchViz giants, 3D visualization isn’t just another marketing stunt to try to make themselves stand out from one another. Rather, 3D visualization is a work of art that not only evokes emotions in viewers but creates an amazing way for clients to have a look at what’s to be their future home in a complete picture.

So, what makes 3D rendering different from the usual blueprint or architectural drawing? 3D renderings not only showcase the diagrams and the drawings of the house. They feature the house, landscape, and its surroundings.

The overall picture will tell you how the structure looks amidst all the surroundings—the backbone of success that helps thousands of architects and developers win their clients—and keep them.

Let’s Highlight The Best 3D Architectural Rendering Studios

Here at Faraday 3D, we take 3D rendering as an art and deliver top-level 3D ArchViz workflow that always leads to incredible client experiences. We invite you to connect with us so that we can discover your future project needs and work together to meet your goals as an architect or developer.

Aside from us, we also respect other architectural rendering companies that share the same vision and sentiments when it comes to creating beautiful 3D designs.

We strive to learn from our competitors in the field, which is why we also recognize their abilities. And we’re totally inspired to provide a list of some of the other best architectural rendering companies you can find online.

gansam architects egypt science park birdview arqui9

Arqui 9 is one of the well-known and best architectural rendering companies, located in Surrey, South London. They are an architecture firm that heavily emphasizes the use of technology for full digital representations of their projects. They have 3D visualization services that allow clients to see the actual representation of their finished products, including the landscape.

Other services include virtual and augmented reality experiences where you can really look at a digital representation of your future home through the virtual world. They also offer marketing and planning services for real estate developers along with animation services for realistic movements.


Like Arqui 9, Brick Visual is another 3D rendering company that is considered one of the best 3D visualization companies around. They make use of a green box studio where they create realistic portraits that even have very realistic characters on the scene to make everything seem totally real.

Aside from that, they also offer a lot of VR options to give their clients the full experience of architecture. Other services include architectural planning and drone photography


Dbox was founded in 1996 and has produced a lot of award-winning works that received recognition from various entertainment bodies such as The Art Directors Club and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, among others. They are very focused on the art of integrating a stream of creativity in their architecture.

They also specialize in the development of effective marketing campaigns through beautiful imagery. Beyond architecture, they also offer a lot of advertising and marketing services that involve graphics. They have graphic design, digital advertising, photography, VR, and computer-generated animation services.


Engram, unlike the other best architectural rendering companies in this list, concentrates on simply providing beautiful architecture pictures. Their mission is plain and simple: to create emotion-evoking designs through 3D rendering and photography. They are also quite known for being able to solve the pain points of their clients when it comes to design as a whole.


Inviz is one of the more well-known 3D studios in both the property development and advertising world. They specialize in creating both 2D and 3D graphics as well as animation. For real estate and construction, they offer 3D graphic and animation designs for architects, real estate developers, and interior designers. In addition to these graphics, they’ve expanded their service options from advertising and marketing.


K2 Visual is known for its very detailed work when it comes to 3D rendering, which is why they also made it to this list of the best architectural visualization companies. They put heavy emphasis on the details whenever they create the 3D representations of their architectural drawings. Not only do they include the building and the surroundings in the picture, but they also include the little details that a lot of other companies miss out on.

They include the lighting, building composition, and overall mood of the atmosphere of the picture. The details that they include in the picture not only give clients an idea of their future home but also an idea of the feelings that they’ll get when they first step into their new home.

One of the best things about Luxigon is that they provide real-time 3D images that you can move around with your mouse. When you click and drag the picture to the right, you’ll get to see what is found at the right. This works in all directions too. This will enable you and other clients to view their buildings and development projects from all sides to make it seem like you’re actually there. They also offer regular 3D architectural images with some of them moving with added animation that boosts the overall effect.

The London-based architectural visualization firm, The Boundary, was founded in 2014 with the vision of providing customers with the best architectural viewing experience that they can get. They are one of the best architectural rendering companies in the industry and specialize solely on architectural visualizing.

They offer 3D imagery for their projects as well as computer-generated animation effects. They also offer VR experiences that make you feel as if you’re truly viewing your future building—even before it’s built.

Due to their dedication to art and integration of creativity into architecture, these are some of the best architectural rendering companies that you can find when looking for the top 3D visualization companies online.

Unlike traditional architecture firms, their aim is not solely to sell the project and drive up the sales. Their common vision is to promote art in architecture and give clients the best experience that they can get when they look for their future homes.

A Couple of Known Individuals in the 3D Architectural Visualization Field

Apart from solely spotlighting the best 3D studios, many individual architects that made a name for themselves because of their art and creativity. Just like these companies, they were able to take architectural visualization to a new level by treating it as an art and pleasing the customers at the same time. Here are some of the most well-known individuals in this field:

When you enter Peter Guthrie’s website, the first thing that you will see is his works. He’s very adept at creating 3D models of different building types and homes—as well as their surroundings. You’ll notice that he’s very detailed when it comes to designing landscape as he aims to capture the entire mood of the area—just like how an artist likes to capture the mood of a scene in his or her painting.

Guthrie specializes in modern designs of houses and minimalist buildings as showcased in his works. You can also see that he uses different sceneries for his works to showcase how versatile his work can be.

One of the focal points of Guthrie’s works is actually the scenery behind the building. As mentioned above, he loves using different kinds of sceneries for his various works. It is through the scenery and landscape that he can capture the actual feel of the building. He’s a boss at creating such beautiful representations of the scenery that can match very well with his building. This is why his work very much appeals to those who are looking for homes or to those who want to create new development projects.

Bertrand Benoit seems to put more focus on still life and interior design on his works, although his gallery does display a few architectural visualization projects. You can see through his website that he’s very flexible with his 3D work by being able to turn any object into a beautiful 3D representation of the original.

What’s most notable are his interior designs. He has a lot of designs for house interior that are very beautifully made that you’d think that the house is a luxury one.

Through his skills in creating 3D models, he makes very detailed 3D photos of rooms. He also puts heavy emphasis on the components of the room such as the lighting and the detail regarding the material of each object such as the chairs, the walls, and even the paint.

The 3D photo that he makes can clearly show what the interior of the house will look like even before the house is completed. You’ll also notice that he likes using blurring and aperture in his photos to emphasize some parts of his photo that he wants his viewers to pay close attention to.

Marek Denko is another notable 3D artist who has been in the industry for more than 20 years, specializing in digital technology and 3D computer graphics. He was the founder of the 3D studio, NOEMOTION, in Prague.

Mark Denko is a true artist who uses 3D art to totally captivate his audience through brilliant and innovative works. As you can see on his website, he doesn’t focus on architectural design or interior design like Guthrie or Benoit. However, he is a true artist who can create anything he wants to create. You’ll see that he designs some real estate projects in 3D such as the Autumn at Relay Outpost 17 which you can find on his website.

This is his 3D representation of a metal home found in the middle of the forest during autumn. Even if it is in 3D, its details make it look like an actual structure that you can see in the middle of the woods. He can definitely create architectural visualization models that appeal to the emotional side of the client.

However, you can see from his work that he mostly concentrates on creating 3D renditions of people. Combined with scenery and landscapes, he can create a realistic 3D representation of a place by adding people to the scene. This is something that is not usually done by most architects when they make their 3D models.

Last on the list is Ronen Bekerman. Right off the bat, you can tell from his works that he likes toying with the designs to create unique architectural drawings. For a lot of his landscapes, he likes using a mist effect that gives off an air of coziness and mystery. He also loves showcasing light effects from actual lights in the scenery. You can especially see this type of effect in his night scenes.

Unlike other architects, his style is a little warmer because of his combination of effects and lighting. They are kind of darker, but they do give off a very cozy vibe. If I were his client, I’d definitely feel relaxed after seeing his work in my future home. His unique style and warm feel are what make Bekerman one of the most notable 3D building designers that you can find on the internet.


These are just some of the best architectural rendering companies and individuals you can find online. Here at Faraday 3D, we draw inspiration from some of the most well-known names in the industry—from actual firms to individuals who have created beautiful 3D masterpieces for a living.

As every artist has his or her own styles, every work of art will have its own respective “feel”. This is why other artists may draw some inspiration from existing masterpieces that have already left a mark on their audiences. The same goes for the world of 3D architectural rendering works.

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