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As you know, referrals are the coin of the realm in my profession. If you have a colleague, friends, a family member, or anyone else who is in need of help that I can provide, I invite you to connect them with me.

You’re reading this page because you’re a trusted friend, client, or colleague and you’re curious how to refer someone to me.

First off, let me thank you deeply. I appreciate any and all referrals that you are gracious enough to provide. You have my promise that any person you refer to me, I will provide with whatever help I can to the best of my abilities.

If you’re curious about who would make an ideal referral and how to refer someone to me, read on. This has been one of the most frequently asked questions I’ve received and this page was written to give you helpful, specific instructions on how to refer someone you know.

Who should I refer to you?

My ideal clients are:

  • Off plan property developers
  • Marketing agents in Real Estate companies
  • Architects
  • Private house manufacturers

In addition, if there is anyone — for any reason — that you feel would benefit from being connected with me, you have my blanket permission to refer anyone and everyone to me, for whatever reason. I am always happy to make myself available to help someone that you refer to me, in whatever capacity that I can.

What problems can Dimitri help with?

My ideal clients are looking for help:

  • In presenting their architectural work in 3D
  • In creating 3D marketing materials which help to speed up the sales (cash income)
  • In increasing the potential value of future property
  • In creating clear picture of future property for their customers that everybody understands

How should I refer people to you?

The best way to refer someone to me is to send them a link to my webpage and my personal e-mail address. That is the best way for us to start the conversation, so I can best understand how I can help them and their business. Send them a link to this page: faradaylabs.eu or my e-mail: [email protected] Please let them know that when they write an e-mail to me, they should put down your name as the person who referred them to me. Below, I’ve included an e-mail that you can copy and paste and send to anyone you’d like to refer to me.

Do you have an email I can use to refer people to you?

Absolutely — just copy and paste this, subbing in their name and the relevant bits and send the email off to someone that you’ve identified (CC or BCC’ing me, preferably, so I know that you’ve referred them to me and can prepare for them to reach out to me).

NAME, You mentioned that you were looking for help with [Problem or issue facing their business OR an outcome they’re looking for].
I’d like to introduce you to Dimitri, a 3D visualization studio owner, who specializes in creating great 3D marketing materials.
I’m familiar with Dimitri’s work and highly recommend him as someone that you speak to. I’ve CC’d Dimitri on this email and he’ll be replying in a day or so.
In the meantime, I recommend you to write some info about you, your business, and your goals, so he knows in advance of the call how he can best help you.
Look his online portfolio: https://faradaylabs.eu and his personal e-mail: [email protected]
Looking forward to hearing how the conversation goes,
[Your Name]

Thank You

Referrals are the coin of the realm in my profession. I deeply appreciate you taking the time to connect me with 2-3 (or more) of your colleagues and your friends. And if there is anyone I can refer to you, just email me and let me know and I’ll see who in my network is a match for your business.

Dimitri, founder

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