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Most common questions new clients ask

What's your price?

We don't charge per hour or view. We charge per project. The final goal of each project is to showcase the property from the best sides possible. How many renders needed for this, is identified during the project. Focusing the client's mind on the number of renders - only harms the project.

Why you don't charge per render basis as other 3d studios?

There are 2 ways of doing 3D projects:

  • create a base 3D model using any 3D software and add all other stuff in heavy post-production in Photoshop
  • create everything using 3D software and apply light post-production at the end

If you will use the 1st approach, adding additional camera view - would be the same as start project all over again

If you will use the 2nd approach, adding new camera views - is a matter of several hours of work. We use this approach. That's why we don't have a specific price per render.

What's your price per project?

Very hard to give a short answer to this question. You, as a new client, a totally black horse for us. We know nothing about you and what kind of projects you're looking to visualize. When you ask this question without providing any information about your needs, how we suppose to answer it? We can't read people's minds, yet:

  • would you like to visualize a small villa?
  • maybe you need to visualize an office center or a shopping mall
  • maybe you need only exterior or who knows, maybe you need interiors too
  • interior design: do you have interior designer hired already or don't care at all about design
  • maybe you need static renders or, who knows, maybe you need animation

Do you think the price for the above use-case would be the same all the time? Do you think visualizing a shopping mall is totally the same amount of work as visualizing a small villa?

What do you have in mind when you asking such a question? Please share your thoughts upfront and, only in this case, we will be able to give you an approximate price, even if we don't like giving out estimations without proper info: The “Ballpark Quote” in 3D Visualization is BS...

What is the price for additional views?

We asked this question a lot. That's why we created the image. Depending on the situation, sometimes we only need to shift a camera a little bit - no problem, we will do this for free. But sometimes, outside of the camera - emptiness, and there is no possibility to shift the camera. Additional work must be done - in this case, the payment required.

Will the price change if I'll get you a 3D model?

If your modeling skills at the same level as ours - you will get a discount. If not - sorry, we'll do everything from scratch. We have a nice case-study, which describes why we can't use 3d models done by architects: take a look here

Do you work with pre-payment? Post-payment?

100% upfront payment, or pre-payment and next payment is defined at a specific date, but not post-payment. During our long career, we faced a lot of situations when we chased our money only because:

  • client forgot to pay, was really busy
  • client went to vacation and forgot to pay
  • client was thinking about changes for 2 months
  • client has troubles with the bank
  • no money on the bank account
  • and etc...

Put it this way: you can see what we can do, you can talk to our previous clients, we're in business for more than 10 years. But what do we know about you? Nothing...

We carry larger risks and that's why we require an upfront payment.

How many revisions are included in the price?

Usually, 2 rounds of revision included for the model itself and then 2 rounds for the environment, in case of exteriors. For the interior, 2 rounds of revision per each image.

What programs do you use?

I perfectly understand when such a question is asked by another 3D studio who needs external help.

But hey, if you're not a 3D artist, why do you need to know such info? Do you really need to see the list of 100s names in it?

If you're an architect, the right question would be - in what format you expect me to send you information about the project. We accept handkerchief sketches, pdf, dwg, and lots of other formats you can imagine.

How much time do you spend per project?

A similar question as to the price per project. If we don't know how big is your project and what exactly needs to be done - how we should answer this question?

What is your basic estimation time for an architectural project with 1 view?

Basic estimation time depends on the project size and how clear specification is. We faced situations when clients dump on us 200 files - in this case, we will charge for estimation. Otherwise, we try to respond within 24h.

What is the resolution of the final rendering? Do we have to pay extra for high res (4k, for example)?

Before starting each project we ask about outputs. We can render images up to 10K pixels longest side without additional charges. But if such a request will be asked a couple of days before the deadline - we can physically not be able to render large resolution images in a short period and will use Rebus-farm. In this case, additional charges may apply.

Can you share the source files?

Usually, we don't share source files. You won't be able to do the final fixes on your own because you should have totally the same set of 3D plugins, etc... Another problem is if we will share source files with you - we won't be able to prove that such work was done by us if we will share a project on public websites to attract more clients...

How are we going to get results?

Everything is managed through our Client Portal.

Do you have a team to work with several projects at the same time?

Yes, we do. And here I will share another case-study of ours - How we managed a team of 10 artists

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