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Faraday 3D as an on-demand 3D team being able to be built-in in any in-house workflow hassle-free.

We work with middle size architectural firms without in-house 3D specialists, who are looking to present their project’s vision to investors in a more attractive and simple for understanding way even if they don’t think they have enough time & money to manage an outsource team and have the best results possible.

We can do this through the help of our own cloud-based 3D Visualization Project Management solution and high-class, time-tested, hand-picked freelancers from all over the world.

If you want your architectural projects to be presented in a stand-out-from-the-crowd way reach out and book a consultation first. We only work with clients to whom we can help 100%.

Faraday 3D Appreciations

Faraday 3D Case Studies…

Many architectural studios and real estate companies are already using 3D visualization in their marketing workflows. These vendors span across industry domains and vary in size. Some of them have shared with you their experience of working with Faraday 3D. Learn from other vendors in your industry. Enjoy!

Office in Tallinn

Case-study: Photo-montage for marketing purpose

A common mistake of young 3D design studios is to think that their work will be judged solely by the image quality. The truth is, that’s only a necessary, but not a sufficient condition.

In this case study, I will show you our Workflow and how we helped our client to create compelling promotional materials for renovated Rävala Büroohoone which is a high-class office building in downtown Tallinn.

Brace yourself for a powerful reading…

Hotel exterior

Case-study: How we managed a team of 10 artists

Can a small 3D studio handle a large project?

This is the question we have been asked a lot. Of course, it depends on the studio itself. So let me introduce you to how we managed to run a project with 10 3D artists on board.

The project’s goal was to create stunning footage of a new Radisson Blu hotel.

The main challenge — being able to implement new changes architects do on the fly. And in the case of such large-scale projects, it’s not possible to carry out changes having only 2 people on board. That’s why we need external help.

Below, I explain the dilemmas we encountered during this project…and how we tackled them and helped leverage our client’s success.

trio interior by faraday 3D

Case-Study: Pure 3D for Avrame

“Hey, how much would a couple of 3D renders cost?”

This is the first question we get from every new customer. Of course, our current clients never ask such questions anymore — and here’s why.

When every potential client is searching for a 3D studio to cooperate with, their main goal is not to get 3D renders.

Their main goal = sell the property.

In this case study, I will walk you through what needs to be done in order to reach your goal—sell the property with the help of 3D visualization and how it’s done in our company, Faraday 3D.

Be prepared for an interesting read…

Case-study: Emotional 3D visualization

Almost all clients, who order 3D visualization service, make the same mistakes over and over again.

They completely forget and even omit the aspect of emotions and storytelling and focus only on building’s details, which are in most cases disregarded by the vast majority of the public.

Does your 3D service provider talks with you about storytelling? Who runs the show: you or 3D studio you selected?

If the path is lead by professionals, check out how final results could look like…

Project Solbo by Faraday 3D

Case-study: Solbø

Architects not always provide good materials.

If you’re an architect and use 3D modeling a lot and never quite understand why 3d studios re-do your work over and over again, then you must read this article!

Also, I will provide a clear answer to why ready-made architectural 3D models, provided by architects, never lower the price of 3D rendering, but instead, raise the prices even higher…

Continue reading…

Winter Landscape architecture rendering

Case-study: Landscape architecture rendering

For this project, we were approached by a client who wanted to create a caravan camp high up in the Norwegian mountains.

However, the company was facing objections from the local community who did not want their views of the valley to be spoiled.

This is perfectly understandable, but what the client needed to do was show them that their view would not be affected to the extent that they may imagine, and that the camp would actually enhance their view, especially in wintertime after a snowfall.

Read further how we managed to help our client get a construction permit with the help of 3D visualization.

3D rendering based on photo

Case-study: Demonstrating Product Advantages

Sometimes we’re challenged to do work, which is not usual for us.

Here is a story about one of our clients, a manufacturer of pergola shades from New Zealand. He contacted us asking to visualize his product from the best possible perspectives.

The key benefit of this story is – a high-quality 3D rendering not only delights the eye of our clients and their prospective customers but also serves to a certain purpose.

If you need to present a product and its benefits, make sure to employ a professional and capable 3D visualization studio. Such 3D renderings keep working for your business for a long time.

3d house model

Case-study: Photo-Montage

Never heard of 3D photo-montages? Don’t know what it is or have no clue why you need it… Then read why 3D montages make it easier for a client to showcase ideas and visions.

Keep in mind that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Mesmerize your prospects with an eye-catching 3D photo-montage, and rest assured that you will keep their attention all the way to deal time.

Click “read more” to find out real-life examples…

Case-study: I’m not sure what result I want…

“It’s all I have – architectural blueprints. What else do you need to create cool 3D renders?”

Almost all potential clients think – that architectural 3D renders is just pictures, and they can be done in a couple of minutes. That’s why the price can’t be so high in their opinion. And they really go into a stupor after hearing the price.

In this case study, I will explain why in some cases, if a client never thought about his requirements, never spent a minute to think out why he needs all these renders, the price for our work can be higher than usual and what additional work we should do before we can even start doing what we love best – 3D visualization and produce “cool 3D renders”…

English style house 3d renderings

Case-study: English Style House

A House Is Never Really Just A “House”…

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Ludvig Miles

Ludvig Miles
Quality and flexibility combined with fair prices


HusabGruppen is a modern construction and real estate group of companies, located in Stockholm. Sister company Husab Bostad AB under the direction of Ludvig Miles is focused on project development of single-family homes.


Ludvig turned to Faraday 3D company with a request of producing 3D visualization materials for the marketing campaign of a future construction located at Sollentuna north of Stockholm. The main challenge was in achieving the local surroundings in 3D: garden living close to Stockholm with excellent transportation opportunities. The coloring scheme is set as an abstract pallet from a forest.

Ludvig’s feedback:

What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying 3D viz service from Faraday 3D?

  • Geographical distance obstacles: None. Distance from Sweden to Estonia isn´t a problem in case of producing digital solutions.
  • Language barrier: None. Dimitri – main contact and co-owner of Faraday 3D speak English well. By thorough explanation and references most of what I, as a client want, can be understood.
  • The only problematic point is a photographic montage. In that case, we need to take the pictures ourselves or hire locals and that can cause us small troubles.

What did you find as a result of buying this service? What specific feature did you like most about us?

  • We are very pleased with the results which Faraday 3D team did. Dimitri’s team seems eager to listen and very flexible. We also got a bonus images which we did not ordered, but they turned to be very useful in explaining for a our customers how future houses will look like from every side.

Would you recommend Faraday 3D visualization service? If so, why?

  • Yes definitely, quality and flexibility combined with fair prices.
CEO Husab Bostad AB, Sweden