Trends in Architectural 3D Visualization

according to Faraday 3D
photo-realistic interior 3D visualization

Image by Faraday 3D


3D technologies have taken an important place in our life. There are almost no areas of activity where you could avoid using them. Industry, construction, medicine, culture, entertainment, Internet technology, cosmetics, and even advertising - this is not a complete list of the areas where three-dimensional graphics are widely used. The advent of new graphic capabilities has been caused by the needs of modern society, by its desire to clothe complex subjects in a plain envelope, to make them clearer, to simplify the perception of complex assemblies and components, to show the idea brightly.

Fortunately, three-dimensional computer simulation, graphics, animation, and 3D visualization are not designed to destroy the person as the true creator, but, on the contrary, to help us liberate the creative process from physical efforts and allow the master to concentrate fully on the result of his/her creation.

To understand what trends we expect in the future of the field of architectural visualization, let's go back in time to identify the notion of architectural visualization. What is it? If you say that it is a simplified illustration of a technical image for simplifying users' perception of a potential building, you will be right - but just partly.

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