Will you pay music composers by the number of notes they write?

Same way we don't charge per render basis. We can't quote a fixed price for unknown needs...
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So, you are here after another 3D visualization vendor. The previous one went dark or you are sick and tired of empty promises. All you need to know right now is - can we manage to do your project on time and how much it'll cost you. Want to step on the same rake again? If no, here is our workflow you must follow:

We’re going to make this as easy as possible because we don’t want to waste your time working through custom proposals and other boring details. We want to spend time with you doing all of the fun, exciting stuff - Emotional 3D visualization!

The real trick to finding your perfect 3D visualization studio isn’t really in the pricing. Just like any good relationship, it’s all about match-making. So check out our web-page and then schedule a call with us so we can decide if we're the best match for you!


Every our potential client has the same problem

There to get nice marketing materials which will attract their dream buyers. Because it is hard to get new leads having only architectural blueprints.

It is too expensive to maintain own 3D visualization team. There are only 2 options: hire locals - expensive, hire overseas - cultural differences…

Potential clients afraid to hire a new 3D studio, that’s why they stick to old one which is not so good as they want because the new company is always an unknown way of doing business and it is hard to predict the final result.

Most of all you need

A reliable 3D partner to whom you can trust. Who’ll be interested in helping you achieve your business goal: sell your property faster.

A partner without communication fails. Without having you to micromanage 3D projects. Without projects blowouts.

Imagine how your project goes if you have emotional 3D renders which define your property positioning and stimulate your sales.

Ask yourself this simple question - How it is possible?

How it is possible that 3D projects could be done on time and on budget even if we all know that design projects can’t be accepted without revisions. The answer is simple - all you need a step-by-step process which will describe every next step 3D design studio should do - 3D Interview.

Sounds easy, but if this step is done improperly or even missed, the result is deplorable.

Hopefully, you’re now aware of the importance of having a persistent 3D process. You can try to figure this out yourself through trial and error, but I assume you don’t want to continue losing time or money.

Here’s what I will exactly do for you:

Step 1: 3D project materials check

I’ll inspect all materials you have for a particular 3D project and will make notes if there is a missing information.

Step 2: We connect on a Skype discovery call. During the call:

  • I ask you lots of questions and learn everything I can about your business goals and how 3D renders should affect your property buyers.
  • We’ll find out what to expect from 3D renders and how they should look like.
  • We'll develop together approx sketches which will eliminate the uncertainty of what the future 3D project will look like.
  • We will go over any pressing questions or concerns you may have about future collaboration.

Having this 3D Interview will allow you:

  • To get a fixed project estimation
  • Predict any changes which you will have without additional charges based on sketches we'll do
  • Deliver marketing images on time and on budget


Our Goal: Get you 3D renders so you can sell your property faster and start thinking about the new one.

Time to collaborate, don't you think?

Get in touch and we’ll schedule a short free meeting so you can get to know us and we can learn more about your project.
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