Simple 3D Floor Plans

Simple 3D Floor Plans
3D floor planCreate 3D floor plan3D floor plan

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Project Description

This 3D renders from our studio’s portfolio shows that it can be cheap, fast and even of high quality. But only when it comes to such simple projects like the view from above. Our client was looking for a cost-effective solution for 3D visualization. He did not have the required amount to order high-quality, voluminous and detailed interiors, so he ordered us to create a view from above. As a result, he received a 3D drawings with all the important details, but without careful elaboration. And these pictures were enough for his potential customers in order to see in their minds a full picture of the rooms, which is what our customer wanted to achieve.

Will you also need 3D visualization of the view from above? Write to us and let us discuss all the details!