Realistic photo montage using 3D visualization

Photo montage
faraday 3d exterior photo montageRealistic photo montagefaraday 3d exterior photo montagefaraday 3d exterior photo montage

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Project Description

This portfolio shows that it is not always necessary to use pure 3D. We were approached by a customer with a photo of a real terrain, and he asked to put two houses there. We will show you the raw materials and the results of our work, realistic photo montage:

  • The first photo is a montage, as how the site may look like if there were these houses. As you can see, they are ideal for this area.
  • The second photo is the very image that the client sent to us.
  • The third photo is also a real one, the customer shows us where the trees are situated, and other landscape features.
  • The fourth photo is a montage, through which you can see how the area will look like with two houses on it.

With these realistic photo montage works we have proven that if there are high-quality photos, you can use them and see how the terrain will change once the builders start to work. Using this montage, you can convince the local authorities to give permission for development, providing evidence that the appearance of the area will not be affected.

It is also a great option to show customers some important nuances and you can adjust your work schedule in time.

Do you have pictures of a real terrain and do you want to see how it will change, if we add a house or several buildings to it? Then we are at your service – Faraday 3D!

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