Landscape architectural renderings in Norwegian valley

Norwegian valley
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Project Details

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Project Description

If you have a picture of your ideal home and its surroundings in your mind, we can help you bring this image into reality, thanks to landscape architectural renderings. Since we provide unique landscape architectural renderings to clients who want to see what their dreams look like before they start to build, we will work with you to create a 3d landscape image. Before getting started, there are few things that you may need to know in advance about our 3d architectural service.

Initially, we had a customer to reach out to our firm with a custom request that involved drawing a 3D landscape architectural renderings of a house that had a very handsome view of the valley. To accommodate this peculiar project, our team of designers wanted to make sure that they could achieve maximum realism of the actual place that was situated in the valley in Norway. One of the main goals was to design an unshakable atmosphere of the mountain areas and then drop the house itself into this awesome 3D background. Though there were many interesting things that came out of this special request, two of the most notable are listed below.

Unique Landscape – Required Detailed Technical Skills

It’s important to note that our team of 3D designers did an excellent job working with all of the details involved in the scope of this unique landscape project. In fact, once this assignment was completed, it was hard to distinguish the image from reality. This is because these artists took special care and time in detailing out all the fine lines in the grass that was growing, even though it was growing in a chaotic manner down the slopes of the mountain side. Also, although most architects may have found it difficult to deal with all of the sharp rocks that was positioned in different places on the mountain, the team did a very good job of recreating their images as they were actually seen in their natural habitat.

Unusual Concept of the Home and Dropping it into its Natural Landscape

In addition to taking the unique landscape to another level in 3d landscape render concepts and solutions, the team also paid special attention to the house and all of its associated details. The house itself was built with a specific architecture since it was sheathed with wooden boards. This part of the project was especially tedious for the architects because it involved creating individual designs of each board that was seen on the home. The team was able to accomplish this part of the design with a lot of time invested and with a goal to avoid the mistakes that’s normally made by beginner 3D visualizers. At times this job became both tedious and boring, but the team was able to endure and create a design that was very real in its looks.

Before completing the 3D design and releasing landscape architectural renderings to the requester, the team can attest to the fact that they spent a lot of time refining these images. For those who are interested in version differences, they can see how the last one that they completed differs from the previous 2 images that were developed. At the end of this unique 3d architectural rendering service project, the team was able to deliver an excellent 3D exterior of the client’s future home and the landscape surrounding it.

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