Interior 3d renderings in Norwegian style designs

Norwegian style
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Project Description

Scandinavian design has become a much more popular choice for many home owners for both simplicity and originality. The style stems from Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. Our team of design experts utilize interior 3D renderings to give the customer a visual of all of the possibilities the Scandinavian design style can offer for each room in their own home.

Designers from Europe have commonly used white wood in much of their layouts as most European homes do not use carpet unlike the United States. The use of the white wood creates an airy, open, and clean atmosphere which draws attention to the architecture of the home. Using interior 3D renderings is the best way to experiment with layout plans before implementing them in a physical location.

The ideal colors associated with the Scandinavian style are: pale blue, white, light grey, and cream. Although traditionally used in interior 3D renderings, some Norwegian design companies choose to use a much more bold approach to color.

Interior 3D renderings help demonstrate the freedom of Scandinavian design. Light is very important to Scandinavians. Floor to ceiling windows are quite common in many rooms. Don’t be afraid of allowing in light. It is an essential part of this breathtaking style and adds beauty to any room.

To conquer the winter blues, Scandinavians love to bring nature indoors. Using 3D interior renderings allow our design team the freedom to play around with many natural ideas for decor by utilizing indoor plants, furniture with rustic wood grains, and balconies that overlook some sort of scenic area.

When we received an order from a customer that desired a Scandinavian look for their own home, we used 3D interior renderings to gather more information about what the customer’s needs were. Our highly skilled team of experts then implemented the customer’s every need into the layout of each of the rooms to be remodeled.

For the dining room, the customer wanted a cozy feel with a modern appearance so we implemented a fireplace that could store firewood underneath to draw in the essence of nature during the colder months. We replaced the dining room table with one that was made of real wood and reupholstered the seats to match the color scheme. Since the customer also specified wanting grey walls, we maintained the theme in each of the rooms to give the home a more uniform flow.

When we used our 3D interior renderings for the living room, we rearranged the furniture to face each other and adding some potted plants to tie in with the outdoors. Next we also added black and green cushions for the couch, installed a wood floor, and added a framed print of a sailboat to give a more nautical feel to the room. To tie in with the color scheme, we placed a rug with black and grey squares beneath the coffee table which really added charm to the room. The customer was extremely pleased with the results.

If you appreciate attention to details and comfortable conditions for cooperation, contact us and order Interior 3d renderings!