Exterior house rendering of private house

Private house Lisa
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Project Description

In most instances, the exterior house rendering projects that we get assigned are largely conventional and straightforward. We are talking your ‘average Joe’ green grass, sunshine, and smiling kids playing out on the lawn. However, this particular project, named “Lisa”, was a little different – and very special, it turned out.

According to client needs, the exterior rendering needed to be totally unique and stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, as soon as we looked over the drawings and plans, we knew exactly what the job called for. This is what we love; being able to work closely with clients, who know what they want and are not afraid to get excited about it.

We gave this client ‘something special,’ by integrating the house into a blissful autumn scene, reminiscent of those charming days just before winter when the world is colder, but not yet too cold to be enjoyed. We surrounded it with beautiful trees of vibrant yellow, orange and gold. In fact, if you gaze out from the garden, you should be able to spot a little pond and a row of soaring mountains.

This was our first adventure with such a creative exterior house rendering and with a design featuring autumn scenes. In past projects, we have incorporated green summery foliage into exterior rendering scenes, but never autumn trees until now. Nevertheless, the project called for something spectacular.
If you would like to take a peek at this exterior house rendering project, you can check it out with this brief animation designed by our team – look here to see it and make up your own minds as to whether we fulfilled the original brief.

Throughout the various steps of planning and rendering this 3D exterior house, we continued to master our modelling techniques and refine all of those little details which make a big difference to the final result. If you take a very close look, you should even be able to male out the tiny little cogs in the house windows – now, that is some level of detail.

Ultimately, the warm and friendly autumn scene which we created is one that draws in not just the eye but the heart too – you want to kick back and relax in this house. Plus, we are glad to reveal that the client was over the moon with the final product and appreciated what was a fairly innovative and fresh approach to exterior house rendering.

The success of projects like this one can often depend on the ability to adapt and think outside of the box, at the right times and for the right reasons. Whilst a lot of the rendering assignments which we take on are very conventional, they also come with their own unique needs and it is our job to make sure that the balance between creativity and practicality is a good one.

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