Christmas greetings

Christmas greetings
faraday 3d exterior night christmasChristmas greetings

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Project Description

“Christmas greetings” – the title of this work speaks for itself – it’s a Christmas 3D postcard. There is a house on it with 3D render ordered by the customer. But as usually designers prefer summer landscapes, we decided to try our hand in creating a real winter.

As you can see, we worked on the tracks and, despite the fact that it was hard, we added footprints of someone who had walked through the snow. We even have a small frozen river on our card and various trees, very differently covered with snow. After all, this is how winter looks in real life, isn’t it? But most importantly, there’s a fabulous aurora borealis, which is so familiar to our customers from Norway and Sweden.
Breaking the pattern and going beyond the standards. We could limit ourselves to just white snow and clear blue sky, but it is too simple and boring. This work is the best demonstration of what we can create: summer 3D drawings and put the house into a real winter.

By the way, two years ago one company knowingly ordered this card with a picture of a log home of their own production. So we decided to maintain the tradition, and congratulated our clients with such magical images. This work is fundamentally different from what designers usually do, and you have just seen it yourself.

Do you appreciate creativity and a non-standard approach? Then let’s get to work – you can make your order right now.