3d floor plan project for a large Chateau

Chateau 3d floor plans
3d floor plan3d floor plans3d floor plan

Project Details

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Project Description

Usually, when we create 3D rendering of 3d floor plans, little attention is paid to details, because it’s easier for the company and cheaper for the client. That is why floors are covered with ordinary parquet, walls are painted in a single color and furniture is arranged freely. Purpose of this – a customer just needs to get the general idea.

But this work in our portfolio is an entirely different story.

This is 3D visualization of a large, three-floor house in the Alps. Our client planned to rent it out to the skiers who go there on vacation. It was important to show all the rooms in all details, because the whole house would be rented not a single room. Our goal was to show a company of 10 people where, in what rooms and in what conditions they will live.

So, in this 3D floor plans renderings we can see the little things that are often ignored in other projects:

  • lamps standing by the beds,
  • walls made of real stone and simple white-colored walls;
  • there is a table of a bizarre form made of a piece of wood in the kitchen,
  • you can sit on ordinary or bar stools,
  • there are round stone sinks in the bathroom,
  • and if you look at the pictures you can see different variations of tiling in different rooms.

How did we manage to make such detailed 3D visualization? Thanks to our experience of creating floor plans, of close cooperation with the client and to an opportunity of working longer so that all the details could be highlighted. We got the interior design and all necessary photos from the Internet. The customer stopped at each element and told details about everything, including the difference in decoration and design (where stone should be used, where the tile should be put, etc.).

Therefore, such a 3d floor plans is more expensive – we spent 2-3 times more time and our client got detailed 3D drawings and received a stream of applications from skiers with it.

If you want high quality results from the pros, refer to our studio and get your 3D floor plan!