Architectural 3d visualisation: Funky style 3D drawing

Funky style
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Project Details

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Project Description

The project «Funky style» means a lot for us. We have clients who make an order, approve it, disappear and then appear again with a new challenge. So it happened with this work: the client came back and suggested to resume collaboration. But at the beginning he said that he can’t imagine the final version which he wants to see in his next architectural 3d visualisation.

Nature VS megalopolis. Despite this nuance, we started to work and decided to do something very interesting, unusual, and as always of high quality. We got a fresh and attractive version: a house on the shore in a pine forest. There are burnt grass, clear skies, pine trees and other well-designed details around. After looking at this 3D drawing, the client delivered the verdict: it’s not what he wants. But we are not accustomed to giving up. So, of course, we developed a second version – this house is located in a big city with cute decorative trees around it; generally, everything was as it should be in usual megalopolis. But, actually, the story is not over.

There is a well-known international magazine “3D Creative“. Just at that time they were holding a competition offering designers and visualizers to send their works. There was a very serious selection, and we realized how strong the competition was. But still we decided to try it. Our studio sent an application with two photos of the house. And we were accepted! Our work appeared in the 2014 May issue: that’s how much the quality of this visualization was appreciated by the editorial staff.

Architectural 3d visualisation for us is not just a job, it’s our life! The client received his own version of the house visualization, and we received confirmation of professionalism on the part of editors of “3D Total”.

So if you need specialists with really serious experience, please, contact us!