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Explorer in Tallinn
faraday 3d exterior night office buildingnight office building 3D renderfaraday 3d exterior night office building render

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Project Description

Our studio does not like getting stuck in standard solutions. We always pick up a story for our 3D render solutions in order to single out the advantages and features of the structure or object we create the images for. Look this work – 3d render of Explorer building in Tallinn.

For example, this unusual house is surrounded by luminous panels, which have a LED light-strip in the end. They are lit in a certain order and in different colors, so the wall of the house can display almost any picture. Of course, do not expect a great resolution and demonstration of precise details (for example, someone’s face is difficult to show), but it can be used to provide stylish lighting.

We were given a task to show this house during the night time in several colors. But we went ahead and added a bit of a flavor. As you can see in the pictures, this is night time after rain, the roads are wet, and there are real puddles on the pavement. We must confess that we were creating such visualization for the first time. Before starting a 3D experiment, we carefully studied the works of professionals with 10-15 years of experience, revealed their features and then started to work.

With these images, we show that you can order not only the classic of the genre in the style of “a small house surrounded by green grass on a sunny day” but something else. As it is in case of this house, we have created a cloudy weather with rain, night atmosphere, storm clouds that hang over the bright illuminated house, emphasizing the brightness of the LED-panels.

Do you want to get an unusual 3D render, which nobody has for sure? So we are looking forward to seeing your application and we are ready to get started!

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