3d exterior renderings of a lake view

Lake view photo montage
3d exterior renderings3d exterior renderings photo-montage3d exterior renderings photo-montage3d exterior renderings photo-montage

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Project Description

With the right rendering techniques, it is possible to decrease the amount of time it takes to put together a high quality 3d exterior renderings. This is one of the most effective ways to significantly lower expenses, without also having to compromise on the integrity of the project.

If you do not believe that it can be done, just take a peek at this remarkable project and admire the Lake view 3D exterior renderings which we recently put together.

For this architectural 3D render project, the client asked us to put together an image of a porch, with a beautiful sweeping view of the bay. They actually gave us a real photograph of a genuine landscape to replicate, integrate, and imitate. It was an exciting proposal certainly, but this is no easy feat, let me tell you.

Yet, we managed to put the desired image together and we had a blast making it too. You can see the final result in the portfolio. We did ask for a little additional feedback before we sent the project off to the client and a few people said that the image looks a bit too spotlessly ‘clean.’

This is something which we then brought up with the client, to make sure that further work was not needed on this particular architectural 3D render. Fortunately, they explained that a lack of fine detail is exactly what they wanted. This project was always supposed to be more about the solidity and firmness of the objects in the foreground of the picture.

If it makes the customer happy, it makes us happy too. It is important to remember, of course, that 3D rendering projects are designed to fit an almost limitless range of possibilities and requirements. So not everybody is going to want the same type of rendering effects.

However, the quality and visual texture of this rendering makes it clear that, if a client can give you real images to work from, it is possible to create extremely sophisticated 3D renders on a smaller budget. Plus, time does not have to be such a major restriction either.

For instance, as we did not have to put a lot of resources and effort into creating the skyline (we just had to responsively assimilate and highlight the view from the porch), we got the chance to refine, define, and perfect some of the larger rendering components.

As an innovative and contemporary 3D visualization studio, we love taking on all kinds of challenges and always relish the chance to experiment with new techniques. Here, the end result is an aesthetically impressive piece of work which skillfully integrates both photography and 3D rendering.

It is a project which we are very pleased with, as it represents our dedication to providing clients with nothing but the finest 3D exterior renderings. We hope not only to work with this client again in future, but also to do some more work on the marriage of real life images and artificial rendering.

We are ready to solve your problem too – contact us and let’s start collaborating! Let us create for you stunning 3d exterior renderings!