Exterior rendering of a modular small house

house on the lakeexterior 3D rendering3D house rendering on the lakehouse rendering on the lake3D exterior renderingexterior rendering

Project Details

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Project Description

This beautiful 3D exterior rendering is a product of close collaboration and communication with the company itself. The main business of the enterprise is the construction of properties. Interestingly, we have worked together before – a previous assignment saw the company request a selection of visualizations all reflecting a particular narrative. This task actually follows on from the previous one and adds to the earlier landscape architecture renderings.

On this occasion, we accepted a request for a 3D visualization of a property containing its own sauna facilities. Whilst most of the premium components could be purchased individually, for various sums of money, the customer was keen to showcase this aspect of the luxury lifestyle. The structures were situated in a modest area (only 2000 square meters), but we needed to inject a real sense of history and majesty.

It was very important for us that we exhibit the project in the most beautiful and dynamic way possible. So, we decided to position this property, with its luxury sauna, right on the coast. We spent a lot of time considering the perfect location for the structures, but eventually landed upon a pebbly beach and a surf which was not too extreme in color. We did not want to go for the tropical look; this 3D exterior rendering had to be natural, soothing, and appealing. We made sure to give the surf a very realistic and subtle color, for this reason.

The trees too are very ‘real’ and naturalistic. This project was all about capturing that elusive spark of nature, of encapsulating that feeling of being out in the countryside on a hot afternoon. Whilst there are certainly some landscape architecture renderings which cry out for color, excitement, contrast, and exotica, it is important to understand, as a 3D rending artist, that every environment comes with its own unique characteristics. It would have been wrong to treat this refreshing rural scene like a tropical paradise.

Just take a look at the texture of the grass in the foreground and the addition of a family vehicle in one of the frames. These little touches are what create the narrative on which a 3D exterior rendering is based. They make you wonder who might live in such an idyllic environment and whether you could be that person. This is absolutely key, because you want customers to look at the 3D exterior rending and see their own lives, preferences, and personalities. You want them to imagine what the property looks and feels like, even if it does not yet exist in the same form.

We are, once again, pleased to reveal that the client was very happy with the finished piece. They considered it to be a very naturalistic and attractive visualization and were satisfied with the aesthetic decisions that we had made. This is just another example of anything is possible; you can dream up any landscape or scene which takes your fancy and we can spin it into a reality using a lot of skill and a little bit of 3D exterior rendering magic.

If you want to see your project in full scale in advance, please contact us – we create 3D exterior rendering which absolutely display all the details.