3d drawing street named Sipelga in Tallinn

Sipelga building in Tallinn
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Project Details

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Project Description

Look, this is a big yellow building in Tallinn! One year after the customer received the order we got real photos from him, so we decided to show what kind of 3d drawing street we did and what it looked like in the end.

Two visions of what happens in case of different budgets. There are a lot of pictures in this portfolio, because we decided to show one important point – what happens when a customer saves on creating 3D renders.

Pictures with watermarks are real pictures of a real building. So it’s better to start with the last picture, where a building with a lamppost is. It is a
photo. The next-to-last picture is 3D render, which clearly shows that, for instance, the grass pattern is continuously repeated. It is revealed by the fact that a designer worked on this image, so it is difficult to call it a photo after printing it out. The fact is the client decided to save money on details and to speed up the process of creating 3d drawing street, so renderings have a plaque of unnaturalness, although it is clear that the house is practically identical to our 3d drawing street render. Somewhere you can see diverse grass and some other items, but in general there is almost no difference.

How the second option appeared. Let us reveal our hand: we decided to create our own interpretation to show the difference in resulting quality when the client is ready to spend money and when his or her budget is very limited. Creating our own vision of the building, we added several floors and a couple of buildings nearby. Thus we created a vision of the neighborhood. The buildings also bask in the glow of sunset. And if you look at this version and the next one, you can feel that our interpretation is more realistic.

Everything is thanks to the leaves that fell over the dirt road, thanks to the asphalt, covered in cracks, and to many other seemingly insignificant details. But they are so important that when you look at the next photo you can feel the cold emptiness: sterile sidewalks, static people in obscure poses… Looks like a horror film frame!

Are you ready to do everything for your clients? When people choose a place to live in, they look at 3D renders first. The easier and faster is the plunge into the atmosphere of their future home, the higher the probability to close a deal. Our studio handles this complex task requiring a lot of time and creative effort.

Are you ready for fruitful cooperation, which will bring you a lot of customers? Then make your order!