3D design furniture service: Stainless steel furniture

Stainless steel furniture
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Project Details

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Project Description

These 3d design furniture works are the best demonstration that a realistic 3D modeling greatly facilitates the life of big business leaders.

A representative of a factory of stainless steel furniture for kitchens, restaurants and cafés came to make an order. We got a task: to create visualization of 100 cabinets to store hot and cold food.

Let’s face it: usually such problems are solved in a different way. The plant produces 100 models and then they look for a photo studio, they take pictures and then work much with the shots…. And then they need to attract customers and to store somewhere bulky furniture, taking into account the possibility that some cabinets will be less popular, so they will be sold only on some days.

By ordering 3D renderings, the customer saved time, money and effort. All of these 3D drawings were shown to potential customers, providing a choice and allowing to produce exactly those cabinets that could be immediately sold. We elaborated every detail, creating a further 3D animation, which can be rotated to evaluate the stainless steel furniture from all its sides.

As you can see, our 3d design furniture work makes life noticeably easier. Do you need a 3D renderings of furniture or other items? Then we are waiting for your order!