Trends in Architectural 3D Visualization

according to Faraday 3D

Photorealism: 2006 - 2010

If you keep track of how the quality of the renderings changed during the period from 2006 to 2010, we can surely say that it was the beginning of realism. With the advent of render farms, modelers stop thinking about the technical capabilities of their machines and more and more effort is given to the smallest details of the future project.

For example, in interior design now modelers work on the elaboration of shadows and staging of light, regular reflections are used from objects with different materials. If it is furniture, the effort is to convey the correct pattern of folds and wrinkles. Сlassic interiors show lots of carved ornaments and fretwork.

On the outside, we see not only a correct statement of light and shadow, but also the elaboration of dust and dirt. This is very clearly seen on concrete surfaces. Now the buildings are not sterile clean but have stains. In other words, modelers try to convey the real picture of the world.

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