Winter Landscape architecture rendering

High quality 3D rendering as a Convincing Argument in Public Discussions

Experienced negotiators say that the order in which we bring forward our arguments directly affects how convincing they sound. The best sequence is to start with the more convincing ones, then proceed to the usual ones, and conclude with the most convincing one.

The first will create an attitude of trust, while the last will come just at the right time for the final decision. If the last word is postponed for a while, your partner in discussion will remember the beginning and the ending of the conversation most of all.

Right now you might be wondering what it has to do with 3D design. The thing is, there were lots of examples in our experience that prove that high quality 3D rendering is that strongest argument to convince even the greatest skeptics.

Here is one example, broken down step by step and complete with illustrations.

To camp or not to camp — 3D will answer

A Norwegian client of ours wanted to build a beautiful and comfortable camping site in a valley, which he thought would help the whole community. But there was a problem: the valley had a settlement situated along its edges. The locals were worried that the facility could mar the views from their windows. Our client was struggling to obtain a building permit, so she asked us to make a convincing case for the construction, one that would prove that their fears were unfounded.

We had to make an exact copy of the valley together with the camping — in other words, let people see the future and understand that it was beautiful.

Work stages

The client gave us maps and laser scanning data.

Landscape planning

Landscape planning

Landscape planning

Landscape planning

These allowed us to precisely reproduce the valley's landscape in three dimensions to the finest detail of its terrain. This would make our visualization indistinguishable from the actual views people saw out of their windows every day.

Then we used the photos to start "planting" the valley. To make the render identical to reality, we worked on more than 100,000 trees, paying special attention to their height, because even such a nuance could play a part in further discussions. We also had to pay attention to the settlement itself, placing every house in its actual location as brown and green blocks.

Here are the resulting renders:

landscape render

low quality render

Many designers would stop at this point. We didn't, because it was actually a very low-quality 3D, which we only used to test the overall direction. We show such pictures to the client to make sure that we're on the right track, because it is hard to see the final results in the initial stages of visualization.

Let us discuss why we call these renders low-quality:

  • Unnatural colors. Remember the last time you were in the countryside. The real green is much richer and more interesting than this cheap version.
  • Patterned grass, looking more of a huge carpet than fresh greenery.
  • Golf course-like terrain. It is perfectly cut, unlike the real one, which is virgin and savage.
  • Much fewer trees than in real life.

(You can read more about the criteria for identifying a bad 3D in our earlier article.)

Getting back to our work, here are the final results that we delivered to the client:

high quality 3D rendering

high quality summer render

Summer high quality 3D rendering

high quality summer render

The differences strike the eye:

  • The colors are softer and more lifelike.
  • There are much more trees and they are much lusher.
  • Instead of a carpet, you have "real" grass, with each blade growing in a different direction and having its own size and shade.
  • You can see all the dips and hills of the terrain.
  • But most importantly, you can see that the camping site will not anyhow affect the magnificence of the views. It is located much lower than the houses, so the campers will not be a nuisance to the locals at all.

It took our visualizer more than 20 hours to turn the cheap initial draft to this almost photo realistic version.

Before out client brought the images to the authorities, she asked us for another favor. She liked the renders so much that she wanted more of them to make her arguments even more convincing. The additional order was to reproduce the valley in winter.

Here's what we made:

Winter Landscape high quality 3D rendering

Winter landscape render

Landscape high quality 3D rendering

Winter landscape render

As you can see, we preserved all the features of the terrain, created a wintry atmosphere, worked out the shadows, and made the snow look fluffy and soft.
Together with the previous renders, these ones demonstrated that the camping will not affect the daily life of the community and convinced the authorities to issue the building permit.

Do you need this decisive argument?

To be honest, we get a lot of this kind of orders: authorities reluctant to issue a permit to build a plant, locals rebelling against a new cottage village, and so on. What is common in all these cases is that people cannot understand how their lives will change after the construction.

High quality 3D rendering answer this important question. When local and institutional stakeholders understand that such projects are actually for the good of the community, our clients always get the permit.

So if you ever need this conclusive argument for public discussions, make sure to order your high quality 3D rendering from an experienced studio — such as Faraday. We know how to create a high quality 3D rendering that will convince everyone to say "yes" to your project.

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