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Furniture 3D visualization

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Does that sound familiar?

You are a furniture wholesaler, retailer, or manufacturer. Conscientiously you present new models with new offers regularly.  Photos of new furniture models must be ready for your advertising campaign. To achieve this, you have to spend a colossal budget for:

Creating new furniture objects

Transportation to the photo-studio

Photo-studio production workflow

But there is another way without stress and huge budgets: Faraday furniture 3D visualization

Get effective advertising and breathtaking 3D products

 We design very high definition three-dimensional visualizations of your products from A to Z. The benefits are immediate:

save money with 3d

Save money

Reduce all costs of creating your catalog by 70%

save time with 3d

Save time

the deadlines for the processing of visuals and the design of the catalog model are completely controlled

attract new clients with 3d

Convince new clients

we create emotional and high fidelity designs that will attract and convince new customers to buy your products.

sofa 3d rendering

Be effective

Test quickly your furniture popularity with the help of 3d visualization, not with real models. Avoid producing outsider models. We’ll create a 3d render, in which it is always possible to make quick changes: colors, textures, and even geometry…

Be efficient

You do not need to upload huge lorries with furniture that should be photographed. With 3D visualization you do not  need to export goods at all – we create a model, you just make up the catalog and make a profit from the furniture sale.

sofa in 3d
3d stool

Save money

You can forget to create your photo studio. Save on salaries of a whole team: porters, drivers who deliver the furniture in a photo studio, photographers, retouches, web designers, and other professionals. We will create all the 3D models for a fraction of the above cost so there is no need to even contemplate a photoshoot.

Who we are

We are a small 3D design studio on a human scale. This allows us to be responsive and attentive to our customers’ requests. We work quickly and transparently to deliver the best quality custom 3D visualizations of your products. 

We strive to maintain and develop a stronger and more familial relationship with all our clients: your success is our concern.

We are proud to have all kinds of businesses among our customers. From small retailers to market leaders in large distribution. We value each of them the same way.

We support you at each stage of the production of your catalog and we assign you a project manager as your sole contact.

Stop paying for a slow and obsolete photography service

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