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Surrealism is considered as one of the most striking trends in art. If you look at the history of human development, you will notice a very interesting fact: cavemen made their first drawings not from nature, but from their imagination.

To do so, those "ancient artists" fell into a trance, released their subconscious and created their imperishable works of art. This fact was proved by science only at the beginning of the twenty-first century, after very long and laborious studies.

So we can say that surrealism is where people started their creativity. And surrealism is still here, it accompanies the entire history of mankind.

As in the past, in the present and the future, surrealism will be one of the most actual trends in art. It is unlikely that a person will lose interest in the supernatural, in super-reality. We expect the same trends in 3D graphics.





If you dream of a longer period: what will the 3D graphics of the future look like? In an average fiction novel it is some sort of hologram that is modified under the influence of the thoughts or feelings of the viewer. Usually, it is in color; musical as well. Science fiction writers are convinced that their dancing holograms will displace traditional canvas and paints. But if the photo is not able to convey the painting, then the capabilities of holography are out of the question.

Any doubts about the success and relevance of head-mounted displays and any other products developed not so long ago by Oculus Rift that provides an opportunity to plunge into the virtual world, have been completely erased with the advent of the new software titled "Tilt Brush" of the company Skillman & Hackett. Through Tilt Brush, all those not indifferent to drawing can plunge in 3D, try not only the usual materials but also the more unusual, such as smoke, stars, and light.

The application is still on the phase of development and refinement: previewers noted that for the creation of a three-dimensional image much effort should be expended, so for the full transition of technology from 2D to 3D there is a need of auxiliary stylus or gloves.

Over time, programs such as Tilt Brush will be better designed and more comfortable, so the artists will explore limitless aesthetic possibilities.

Written by Dimitri Bobkov, 2015

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