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During the project: What to do if you're unhappy with the work

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, things simply don’t work out. There are many factors involved in why this happens. Let’s go through some of the most common reasons why you might be unhappy (or even downright frustrated) with the studio you hired.

Missed deadlines
Most organizations follow a business cycle; thus, sticking to deadlines is a must. If the studio keeps failing to deliver on agreed times, you could be losing not only time but – more importantly – business.

Poor communication
Most businesses nowadays rely heavily on technologies to communicate, but if you observe that the studio barely touches base with you despite having sufficient access to the Internet and gadgets, it might be time to look for a more reliable partner.

Terrible outputs
It goes without saying that you most likely hired a studio with a portfolio that matches (or even surpasses) your expected outputs. However, for some reason or another, it’s possible that the quality of work you’re getting from them fails to match what you expected to receive.

Perhaps your project’s context or requirements are of a different league compared to their previous work. Perhaps their best artists left and were replaced by new ones with a different range of abilities and taste. Or perhaps you’re simply out of luck.

Regardless, quality is usually the most important thing (far more than deadlines or communication), so if you’re not happy with what’s being given to you despite following the recommendations discussed above, it might be time to move along.

If your business is considering cutting ties with the studio you hired, here’s what you should do to cut your losses:

Give a warning early on
Ideally, you should inform the studio if their actions (or inactions) or outputs (or lack of outputs) are making it difficult to continue the partnership. Having a written record (most often through e-mail or printed contracts) of your agreements and communication is essential in this regard. You may communicate your initial dissatisfaction through e-mail.

If the studio continues to fail in meeting your requirements, you may request a meeting with their representative. The important thing is that you should be honest and quick in giving feedback. Trust us when we say that a good 3D studio wants to please its clients, but to do so, we need to know first what you want, and the best way for us to know that is if you say it to us directly.

Review your contract
Contracts come in all shapes, sizes, and contents. On the agreement that both sides signed, you should find a clause discussing the details of the process of ending the partnership. Make sure you read and understand all the fine print to avoid legal pitfalls. If you need help, consult a law practitioner.

Find out if there’s a way to fix it
With the right effort and strategy, most failing projects can actually be salvaged. This decision varies from business to business (or project to project) and depends on your priorities.

For instance, if the studio is poor at communicating (perhaps English is not their first language and they have your e-mail translated each time, which delays their response) but submits excellent work, it might not be enough reason for you to say your adieus yet.

Always remind yourself of your objectives. If you see that the studio is still able to meet those despite a minor flaw here and there, then you might be able to save the project.

Pay what is due
Even if you didn’t get exactly what you wanted, it is just fair for you to compensate the studio for what they have delivered (granted that it’s not complete rubbish). Assuming that you took the right steps in choosing a studio, you most likely can still find some value for the outputs you received, and it is only right to pay the artists their due in return for the time and effort that they spent on the project.

Learn from the experience
Last but definitely not the least, you need to examine what problems led to the failure of the project. No client wants to waste time and money, and no studio as well would want the same for their client, so both sides have something to learn from such a terrible experience.

Discuss with concerned parties and staff what exactly went wrong and then brainstorm ways in which to avoid those in future projects to help ensure that this flop would be the last. It’s important to note here that for our clients who did 3D Roadmapping, none of their projects ever failed. 3D Roadmapping offers tremendous value to your business, so
make sure to incorporate it into your project.


We want each and every client of ours to be satisfied. That’s why here at Faraday 3D, we offer a money-back guarantee. After receiving the first drafts, if you inform us that they’re not what you expected, we will do our best to meet your expectations in a second round. However, if the second attempt proves to be far from meeting your needs, we will return your money in full.

This ensures that you have practically zero risks in working with us. On a good note, for the ten years of our operation, none of our clients have so far asked for their money back.

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