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Furniture 3D visualization

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During The Project: The on-boarding process

So you’ve found a competent 3D studio with a great portfolio, rich experience, wide set of capabilities, good communication skills, and ability to do the job within your budget. It’s now time for on-boarding.

It’s perfectly fine if everything is conducted online, particularly if the artists are located overseas. While this may not be a perfect scenario, the digital world has enabled many partnerships to begin and flourish this way in recent decades, and with a good partnership, this should be enough for your project.

However, the vast majority of companies don’t have a systematic process for online communication, so you will likely be overwhelmed with a staggering amount of e-mails. While e-mails are relatively cheap (even free from certain providers) and quick, they are not the best avenue for digital communication and optimal cooperation.

We take great pleasure in announcing that we at Faraday 3D have an organized system and set of tools to ensure maximum support for each project. We employ the following set of online platforms/tools in communicating and collaborating with our clients:


Client portal (https://faradaylabs.eu/clients/new)

This serves as our central point of contact with clients. The portal acts as our command center, which securely houses information and communication for each project. Only the client and Faraday 3D have access to the client portal, ensuring maximum confidentiality of your project.


This is our preferred means of sending large files.

Skype and/or Zoom

Nearly all of our client meetings are done through Skype or Zoom video calls.


Working on a 3D visualization project would entail a lot of e-mails, which can quickly flood your inbox. That’s why we at Faraday 3D prefer using Slack, which stores all conversations in a single place and serves as a convenient means of sending and receiving brief updates between the two parties.


As we discussed previously, it is best for both parties to agree on the plan prior to starting the project. Gantt enables us to visualize the process of going about the project, thus reducing roadblocks along the way.


This allows our clients to access flow visualization. Through Trello, our clients always see what our artists are currently working on and even when a task will be done. Thanks to its colorful labels, clients can see in real-time whenever our studio requires their inputs to proceed. This minimizes delays and helps us complete the work you need in a shorter amount of time.


Providing pegs or samples of work similar to what you’re looking for is one of the best ways to get the work done more efficiently. To do so, most clients search for images online, save those to their computer, and send those to the studio. As you can imagine, this is tedious, time-consuming, and sometimes cannot be sent through e-mail due to the size of the pictures.


Another way is for clients to find images they like online, copy their links, and send those to the studio. Unfortunately, there are times when those links don’t work because certain websites (to be more technical, those that use AJAX or Asynchronous JavaScript + XML technology) have links that don’t reflect the exact information displayed on websites. Hence, a link may show other images that are totally different from the one you wanted to show.

Knowing these issues, we at Faraday 3D have decided to go with a third option: we ask our clients to register and install the Dropmark plugin for Chrome. Once done, clients can simply drag and drop images directly from websites to
Dropmark, and the studio can then see the exact same images instantly in a special folder in Dropmark. This helps you create mood or inspiration boards effortlessly.

As you can see, our professional on-boarding process utilizes some of the best programs for project management. We have been successfully using these programs for many years and know how to maximize their features for the best outcomes. If you request, we may assist you in learning and using these tools so that, together, we can create the best 3D work for your business.

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