Have you thought, that sometimes potential customers just afraid to make the order, because they are not really shore about final project price? How is that? Very easy. If you order some-kind software you definitely know what this application must do and it is easy enough to calculate working time. But what about design or visualizations. Customers wants something nice and beautiful. How it is possible to set term of word beautiful into  boundaries: 10h is not yet beautiful and 10h and 1 minute – masterpiece? There is the border comes? How to estimate such projects?

What’s why, after meeting such clients we decided somehow to encourage them – we created ” Customer protection policy” . This policy gives to customer feeling that his budget will not be exceeded in case if his opinion about work will not change 7 times a day. So here it is – our customer protection policy as follows:

When it comes to the discrepancies between estimated hours and working hours we adopted a policy which always protects the customer:

  • if the number of working hours is bigger than the number of estimated hours, we charge the estimated hours
  • if the number of working hours is smaller than the number of estimated hours, we charge the working hours.

So what this rule about? We divided customers risk -50% by 50%. If we messed up with estimations or our solution for client problem was not complete – we will not charge for our mistakes. We will continue our work until client complete satisfaction without budget increase. As a result – budget remains the same, happy client.

What do you think  about our way of winning a clients?