A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting the Best 3D Visuals for Your Business

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Before The Project: First things first

So your business is already aware of the benefits of having a 3D visualization. Your next question must be: “Should we hire 3D artists for our company – or should we outsource the job to a 3D studio? There are advantages as well as disadvantages to both options.

Hiring in-house 3D artists

In hiring artists to join your company, the main benefit is that since they would work in-house, you can monitor them closely and make sure that they focus on the work they’re given. However, as employees, they entail a lot of overhead costs (i.e., office equipment, laptop and 3D software, regular employee benefits, etc.).

If your main business does not deal with providing 3D artworks but simply require 3D to complement your services (such as the case for real estate companies, engineering firms, manufacturing corporations, etc.), you might be better off just outsourcing the work to a competent studio. Also, if you don’t need to have 3D work done on a daily basis, it’s also recommended to just find a studio to work with.

Partnering with a 3D visualization studio

For most businesses, finding a studio to collaborate with is the more sensible option. In such a setup, you can get your 3D needs without spending more on employees who will only do sporadic work. You will not just save on overhead costs but also on time since you won’t need to train each artist and absorb them into your company. While you may not have your eyes on them at all times, you can rest assured that a good 3D studio will be able to deliver what your business needs – just as they have done for all of their previous clients.

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