Cooperation should be as comfortable as possible for both parties – this principle applies at Faraday 3D. We listen to the views of all our customers, and constantly improve our services and interactions with those who come to us for 3d room design visualizations.

But over the years we have found that there is a special type of character or customer who orders 3D visualizations. Everyone should know about this character and the potential consequences that arise from our interactions with him. This character is described in the article below.

Features of This Character

He knows that he needs a very high-quality 3D visualization. He wants the best and the most realistic one possible. He makes an order, but all that he has is the result of an architect’s work. He believes that nothing else is needed, and that creating a 3D visualization includes a 3d room design creation.

As a result, there are two different situations that arise with the same ending. Let’s review both of these situations:

Situation #1

An architect developed a project of a residential building but did not think about the interior. The client received this project on paper, but also did not think about the interior. When applying for 3D visualization, he makes an order: it is necessary to create renders based on these drawings.

3d room design arch plan

Description of the Problem:

The fact is that “just to create a 3d room design” will not work. There are hundreds of factors that need to be taken into account when creating 3D visualizations. That is why it is important to:

  • Decide on the style of the interior
  • Pick a color scheme
  • Select the materials
  • Determine what furniture will be used

3d room design by faraday 3d

Regarding that last point, yes the architect put a square on the plan stating that it is a sofa. But that is not enough information to create a realistic visualization: Does he want a wide or a narrow sofa? Does he want leather upholstery or another material? What exactly does he want? Should we use dark or light fabric? Colorful? Now think about any number of other potential interior elements and you’ll understand that a lot of additional information is necessary to create 3d room design.

But the general trend is that the client does not think about these questions beforehand nor does he look for examples on the Internet. Therefore, he cannot give us the raw data or detailed information we need in addition to the phrase “I need a super high-quality 3D rendering.”

To get professional renderings, the client must have the source code, which the designer creates. Only then, you can get 3D visualizations quickly and at an affordable price.

Situation #2

The drawings of a country-house area are developed, and the work with the exterior is finished with it.

Description of the Problem: Remember that our goal is to create high-quality 3D visualizations as described above. But due to unscrupulous assignment preparation some unpleasant situations can arise.

For example, we just sowed grass on the plot of land, worked through the grass blades to create the right shades, and the client asks where is the chill-out zone, the pond and other desired components of his future life?

Landscape 3D design by Faraday 3D

He justifies the issue with the phrase “You do landscape design.” Again, there is confusion about the definition of what we do. We create a REPRESENTATION of a premeditated exterior, so that the client is able to see, in advance, the atmosphere he can live in.

Yes, we can do it – “landscape design”, our practice and experience allows us to work on such requests and implement them at a decent level. But this is an additional service, so rendering at this level would be much more expensive and will require a lot of time. So you have to ask yourself: is it worth to pay for all that extra work instead of providing a clearer and more detailed assignment from the beginning?


The Consequences of Both Situations

Situations like these leave an unpleasant aftertaste with both the customer and our team: the customer thinks that we wanted to “get as much money as we could,” and we wonder why the customer is so unhappy with our efforts.

To address this, we decided to showdown and show the features of our “internal kitchen,” explain what our customers pay for, and why misunderstandings arise. And now to the main point of this article:

How Not to Become the Character in this Story…

We talked about these situations from our practical experience, because we want your cooperation with Faraday 3D to bring only comfort and pleasure, and result in a good quality 3d visualizations. We do not want you, as our prospective or current customer, to become the character in the aforementioned situations or stories.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that before making an order for 3d room design visualizations or exterior visualizations, that you take the time to think about what you really need and want: Design? 3D-visualization? Both?

Remember that the price, time to implementation, and the quality of the renderings will depend on your decision. To ease the development process, you can attach a picture from the Internet and describe the visual elements you need (e.g., a wide blue sofa located in the left corner, or a pond that looks like this image). Then, our cooperation will result in the implementation of your ideas and wishes!

Now just take a look at this video and think, how many small details were thought out and used to create such an interior: