We are eager to create realistic 3D visualization that satisfy our clients. To ensure we get this result we need certain information.

Why do we need it?

  • Everyone has their own understanding of certain words, e.g. cool. It is therefore important for us to negotiate all key elements and have the same understanding from the beginning.
  • After this stage, we can be sure that the fewer edits we have, the sooner you will get a final version.
  • The fewer edits there are, the cheaper our visualization services will be.

When the client prepares the necessary information and co-operates with us it is hugely beneficial to the final result. In order to create an ideal 3D visualization we need:

1) Documents

We need everything you have relating to the project in any format (Microsoft Word, PDF, 3DS, SKP, photos, slides).

2) Sections

Each floor is a separate section of a building. You should send all information relating to each section, this helps us to understand the concept correctly and we can then create a 3D visualization of a high quality.

3) Sides

How does the building look from different sides? We can’t create a 3D visualization without knowing this, therefore please send us all drafts of the building, showing all sides.

4) Size

We need to know the size of: the whole building, the size of each floor and the size of each room. We would like to have these materials in a DWG file, but will accept PDF-documents.

5) Color and materials

This is one of the key components; you should add a color description of each building part according to RAL color chart. This allows us to save time without making corrections.

If you can’t choose colors according to RAL, just send 10-15 photos of the color you like from the internet and we can find a matching one.

6) Landscape

Another important component: is there parking? Is it close to the road? What’s beside the house? Is it empty space or a garden? What kind of plants are there? Are they tall? We need to know all these details in advance.

If you can’t specify these details, again – find some photos you like and send them to us and we can create a similar landscape for your 3D visualization project.

7) Lighting type

As you can see from the case study, lighting can be an issue. It is more time and cost effective if we discuss this in advance.

8) Resolution

We would like to know whether a 3D visualization should be printed on paper, printed in a catalog, displayed on a projector or displayed on a PC screen. This needs to be discussed prior to work starting.

9) Key suggestions

When would you like to get final results? What kind of result do you expect from using the 3D visualization? Where would you like to use a 3D render?
Specify all these details, and then we will be able to create a realistic 3D visualization.

If you want to find out the project costs in advance, choose a service package in the Prices section and we will begin work on your project.

The best case would be downloading our Exterior 3D visualization project brief, fill it in and send back to us.