Trends in Architectural 3D Visualization

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3D Impressionism: 2010 - 2015

So, the following period of development of 3D art is 2010-2015. If we look at Wikipedia for the definition of impressionism, we will see that impressionism is an art movement the members of which sought to develop methods and techniques that would allow capturing the real world in its mobility and variability mostly naturally and vividly, to convey one's fugitive impressions in a sensual and direct form.
Author: Dimitar Tilev |

Author: Dimitar Tilev |

Author: MIR Architectural Design Studio

That's why if you look at the work of the artists of that time, it becomes evident that the architecture per se is relegated to second place. Now it becomes important to show not the house itself, but its soul and environment. If this is an example of a private house in the mountains of Norway, the artist is trying to show that the street is dark, damp and cold, but inside the house reigns joy and love, the family gathered at a large table. Inside the house there is a lot of light and heat, the house is going to protect those inside it from external adversities. If it's an office building, the authors try to show that life boils inside of it no less than outside.
I did not call the renders of that time art by accident. And how could it be otherwise? If the goal is clear - to show the experience of the artist, then are the means of achieving the result all that important? Is the way of painting far more important than its result? Throughout history, art has always reflected the culture of the period in which it was created. It comes in many forms. It is constantly evolving, incorporating all that is necessary for the artist to display a reality.


Author: Pablo Lassalle

Our society today has the most advanced technology, much better than the previous generations of technology in our land. But what if Leonardo da Vinci was alive now, and lived during the development of technology? Can you imagine what he could create? The genius inventor would use modern technology and, undoubtedly, would make Pixar fear for their money. Hell, he would probably be the owner of Pixar.
I can imagine that you may have objections:
- "But... it's not painted, is it?"
- "It's without real paint, yes, but this is painting. Just made on the computer."
- "But how can we call this art, if we do not use paint?"
- "Paint is digital, colors and brushes are the parts of the computer program. The monitor or tablet is a replacement for the canvas, so the artist painted directly on the screen as on the canvas."
- "... But how will you get it on real canvas?"
- "And this is already 'Magic. The evil, dark magic.'"

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