First of all, the most important thing one should remember when hiring a 3d architectural rendering services: you will get what you paid for! You can’t simply expect to pay a minimal/low amount and get a brilliant 3D result.

Below we will try to explain:

Why we cannot provide a price without project’s information and materials

The same happens with the 3d Studios which give out prices without receiving any concrete information or materials about the project: you cannot expect a brilliant picture here as well. Basically what those studios are telling you is that they already know what process they are going to execute, in order to produce your 3D renderings without knowing:

  • which kind of files you are going to provide them
  • your presentation needs
  • your project complexity and design
  • most important: what do you expect to communicate with that project and who is your final customer

Could you expect a brilliant result of such a studio?

I think we all have to agree that the answer to this question is a NO! 3d architectural rendering services is an art which tries to communicate the individuality and aesthetics side of each project. Therefore one must have information about what is the project all about and who is its final user/customer, before start working on it. It is based on that information that we will break the project in tasks, and then estimate the time for each task. Only after that we can provide you a quote to produce 3D renderings, taking into consideration the rendering object and the rendering purposes/goals.

Generally, from the client’s point of view he has two choices:

  • To hire a cheap 3D Studio with little or no quality
  • To hire a price competitive/expensive 3D Studio with some or high quality

As we recall, one of the main benefits from 3d architectural rendering services is its power to improve communication and understanding between suppliers and customers and therefore decrease the time and the design cycle and also the risk of design flaws after the project is implemented.

3d architectural rendering services

Office buidling visualization

However, this benefit can only be achieved with a high-quality 3D rendering. A low-quality rendering will not substantially improve the communication between all the parties involved in a certain endeavor, since it adds little or nothing to the project initial sketches or intermediate visualization.

In conclusion, if you hire a cheap 3D Studio you will not endure the benefits of 3d architectural rendering services and your project presentation and communications needs will not be satisfied. You can identify this type of studios not only by their low quality portfolio but also if they provide you a quote without having received any information or drawings from your project.

By the other hand, if a studio asks you questions and inquire you about materials before giving out prices, it means that this group of professionals are not only interested in selling but they are also committed from the very start in helping you to achieve your goal and making their success your success.

One more time: you will get what you paid for! Do not forget that!

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