How do I find out the cost of a 3D architectural rendering project in advance?

We are often asked to estimate the cost of a certain 3D architectural rendering project in advance and provide a quote. We understand this is important as many of our clients have different budgets.

We can advise on a price, but negotiating the cost is a mutual process.

If a client doesn’t provide us with necessary information, the final result can be different to what the client expected due to misunderstandings. The client may say: “I did not want this” or “I didn’t expect this”, or sometimes a client just doesn’t like the final version.

However, there is a solution, we will demonstrate it by using a case study.

Professional approach to details

On the Faraday website there is a section named “Prices”. Here you can see several different packages for our services. One of the key features is that we create images of rendered buildings at daytime (this is a standard service). We can also create night images, but this requires more skill.

The price packages include the cost of possible corrections (e.g., color changes, adding/deleting details etc.). If any major corrections are required, we will inform you immediately if there is a change to the price. However, this shouldn’t be something you worry about. There will be no huge costs and our services are based on a collaboration with our client, as described above.

In the majority of cases our clients choose a package with:

  • Two images of each house
  • 3D visualization showing a house at different seasons (unlike other design studios)

Let’s take a look at how this works in a case study.

№1. Front & Back:

Our client’s decision: there will be no chill out zone, only green grass.

3D architectural rendering

We created this version, but the client decided against it as the color scheme didn’t meet his needs. He asked us to create another version. However, this color scheme didn’t meet his needs either, so the client ordered a third version.

3D architectural rendering

As you can see, the final result is different from the original version. At first, the house was light, and now it’s a rather dark building which contrasts with the surroundings.

3D architectural rendering

This visualization satisfied the client and he didn’t have to pay any extra for corrections. There was no extra charge as the client chose a VIP package which includes all possible corrections.

Then we created an image of the house at night.

№2. House at night:

It’s important to take into consideration how a house looks like at night time, as people often come home and see the house from a different perspective.

3D architectural rendering of a house at night time

When the client saw the night time image they stated that the lighting was too yellow. We didn’t agree, we used yellow LED-bulbs which are often used in stores. We felt the yellow light would communicate coziness and community. The client didn’t agree with us, arguing that the house couldn’t be seen when using this color.

We then remade the image and got this version:

3D architectural rendering of a house at night time

As you can see, the lighting in the house was harsh and white which made the house look cold and uninviting. This didn’t confuse our client; he didn’t like the color of the house.
We worked on the visualization and created this version:

Our client was very happy with this image and highlighted that the contrasting color lighting perfectly matched his vision for the project. I would like to point out here that the client didn’t face any extra charges as all corrections were included in the price of the VIP package.

How to find out the 3D architectural rendering costs in advance?

This example shows that even if we had provided a client with a certain price, we would have changed it due to the corrections made.

All corrections require time and skill, sometimes minor edits become major ones. A client has to pay for the corrections which alters the budget for the project.

We understand the client, the client can look at the image and realize that something is wrong, but can’t explain it. The client makes the final decision and we ensure that you are happy with the image.

We offer a variety of packages to choose from. For example, VIP. You can get the following services at a specified price:

  • creating day photos
  • creating night photos
  • making edits at your request

If you choose a service package for your next 3D architectural rendering project, you will know exactly what you will get and at what price. Even if you want some major changes, we will always offer you the most cost effective option.