Website support and maintenance

When a website is up and running, we also provide not only technical support, but also assist in changing content of the site: we update 3D visualizations, we write texts with more relevant information, as an example - latest news.


What makes us different?

Flexible and transparent payment system

Depending on the workload and client's goals, we can offer:

  • a monthly fee
  • a hour payment
  • one-time agreement

Of course it is possible to negotiate a discount for our constant customers. Of course, if we will notice that some task will lead to the money spending only and will not make profit for the client,  we will try to explain this immediately.

Wide area of competence

Regardless of the problem complexity, we can always attract the right people from our partner network.

We can not only process images or write new texts, but we can also move your website to a new hosting, deal with a local problem or develop new functionality.

Site is up and running... What's next?

May be you have an idea for the next website. Contact us right away

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