Webpage development

We develop websites that can help solve our clients problems and useful to their visitors. What makes us different from other companies?

Unlike other companies, we do not force our clients to wait several weeks or months until main website will be ready. In a couple of days we place one-page business card site, which allows our clients immediately receive market feedback. After that, during next iteration, we develop base version of website with much more improved functionality and reach content. This base version we improve during time.

We think that such way of working has many positive moments:
- easier to manage a project. Specification is more clear for both sides.
- deadlines are more accurate, because project divided into small iterations.
- simplified budget management. No need to allocate large amount of money at once.
- No need to wait for marketing results couple of months. You will start getting results immediately which will allow you to make adjustments in case of business change.

You do not need to search, monitor and coordinate the work of several contractors. Even if we do not have some kind of narrow specialists, we can take control of subcontractors. This way you can save your own time and focus on your business.

The Process

What is the main point of website creation? From our point of view - this is marketing tool which solves client's business tasks. In order to have an effective tool we use following process:

- we collect information: business requirements, tasks of the site, as well as requirements for the launch dates. Also we collect information about your target audience, theirs needs, about scenarios how to meet those needs in Internet.
- after collecting information we setup functionality, budget and deadlines for the first iteration of future website. Remember, in the end of each iteration you will get complete working solution. If during development you decide to change something, this changes will be transferred for the next iteration. Only this way we can assure that deadlines will not be violated.
- Design & content creation. Only after decision what we want to say to visitors, it is possible to think about how we present it. Not the way around. Also at this time we create 3D visualizations.
- After preparing the content, we start programming future webpage.
- Then programming is finished, we test our solution on large amount of devices.
- If everything going as expected, we setup Google Analytics system.
- After a while we collect traffic results and preparing for the next iteration.

It is important to prepare a webpage with beginning of advertising campaigns, such as start of sales, participation in the exhibitions. so do not forget to inform us about your future plans.

Website is up and running. What's next?

SEO Optimization

If required, we are ready to assist you to do search engine optimization and active promotion in internet for your webpage.

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