VIP 3D visualization package

Result: 1 - ... images
Delivery: 2 weeks or more...
Corrections until you fully satisfied
Price: from 750 euro per one image or set of images

Deadline burning

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VIP package allows you to:

  • select camera location you want
  • test out several landscape designs or provide exact Google maps coordinates to us in order to recreate real landscape around your house: hills, mountains, rivers, lakes and etc...
  • select Season of the year: summer, autumn, winter, spring
  • apply different finishing materials for your house until full satisfaction


First of all we must select a mood for your future scene. It is up to you to decide or we will provide several examples: summer evening or sunrise, winter Christmas time or autumn day light... After mood selection, we will design landscape around your house. This will be achieved based on internet examples we provide for you, or you can give us your own recommendations.

We will model your house according to drawings you provide: pdf or dwg. If you will be able to provide complete 3D model, we will fix all issues we will manage to find.

If after seeing 1-st sketch you will decide that camera location is not suitable, we will change it without any hesitations... You will be asked to check out house colors and finishing materials. If needed we will try to apply different color schemes for your house until your complete approval.

By the end of a project you will get final image and all intermediate ones...



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