Stainless steel kitchen furniture constructor

Proof of concept

This is a small project which required by our old client who produce stainless steel kitchen cupboards and equipment for large kitchens: restaurants, bars, shops and etc...

Client faced the problem - a lot of customers need kitchen furniture, with different options and it takes too long time to understand and discuss all such stuff by phone or email. So client decided to make an on-line constructor which will take at least half of communication problems away.

Because previously we already did similar project using Adobe flash, but for other types of products, 5 years ago, client decided to stick to this technology this time also. But we managed to convince him to forget about Flash, as a technology which are not supported by half of mobile devises and even desktop computers need separate plugin(if you are not using Google Chrome). That's why in this project we used HTML 5 - which allows to use future constructor on every possible device, which have internet connection and internet browser.

Of course, right now it is only small part of the system, which we are ready to build for our client, in other words - proof of concept. First of all we need to discover customer needs and after that we need to find a way to satisfy this needs. That's why right now this constructor look so simple: his main goal - allow for customers to build the furniture model they need and quickly send sketches to factory and only after that discuss by phone about certain details. If this will improve and speed up ordering process for our client than further development assumes building furniture ordering system which will automate order and other processes:

  • user registrations
  • orders history with further re-order ability
  • online payment
  • connection to CRM system selected by the client
  • mobile application
  • and much more...

So, you like the way we work? Have you noticed that we suggested to the client not to spend a lot of money on building huge system, but at first - proof his concept? Noticed that we convinced to change technology to more modern one?

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But nothing is so important than seeing by your own eyes:  kitchen furniture construktor

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