Comprehensive website promotion

Your potential customers get majority of their information today from the internet. So why spend any of your of hard-earned money on channels where results are hard to measure such as TV and newspaper?! We offer digital marketing services including YouTube video advertising, Facebook demographically targeted campaigns, Google Display Network ads, Google AdWords as well as various specialised advertising networks. We help building brand recognition and drive relevant traffic to your site.

We are not one of those who just automatically buys links, uses "black hat"  seo methods, creates "doorway" websites or just automatically generates monthly reports. Each project is treated individually, taking into consideration the specifics of the business and a budget. That's why we can work only with a limited number of customers in this area.

SEO is up and running. What's next?

We will help you update you website with new materials.


How to measure results?

There are several ways to measure the results of Search Engine Optimization. Most common are listed below

Position promotion

This method would be the optimal one in case of narrow specialization. We select a several search phrase requests, which would be the most important for solving your business problem. We will work with your website in order to bring it to the top of Google search engine by these phrases. The result is evaluated on a monthly basis: which place is taking your site if you will search for selected phrases.

Traffic promotion

This method is optimal for resources with a broad target audience - online shops, real estate websites, tourism and so on. In this case we will try to select maximum number of search phrase requests, covering the whole target audience. The result is evaluated on a monthly basis on the number of users who clicked on the site from search engines.

Lead generation

Better to use this method in case if high search ranks and constant traffic does not bring desired result. Before we begin, we will identify and agree with you the result of evaluation criteria - the number of calls, registrations, sending forms and applications, which are done by the people who came to your website.