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We help Real Estate companies worldwide

attract more clients rather than chase them through 3D visualization

  • Complete movement freedom

  • Located in a cloud

  • Unique technology

How it works

Step 1

You provide us a floor plan blueprint, whether it is dwg, pdf or even jpg...

Step 2

Within 48h we will create interactive visualization

Step 3

You are getting interactive 3D tour ready to implement on your site...

Where to use

floorplan to 3D tour

Developers and Real Estate agencies

Virtual 3D Floor plan tour allows potential buyers to walk in apartment, which is currently under construction and carefully examine the space.

Floor plan is based on the actual sizes of an apartment and by the effect of the presence, buyers will be able to better understand the layout, than when viewing standard 2D-planning, and decision making about purchase will be much easier and a lot faster.

Faraday 3D floor plan virtual tour can be implemented on any website withing couple of seconds...

Our prices

150 € month
  • One time fee: 0.35 €/m2 per plan
  • 48hr Delivery
  • Up to 10 virtual tours
  • Min. term: 3 months
  • Includes Hosting

250 € month
  • One time fee: 0.35 €/m2 per plan
  • 48hr Delivery
  • Up to 20 virtual tours
  • Min. term: 6 months
  • Includes Hosting

350 € month
  • One time fee: 0.35 €/m2 per plan
  • 48hr Delivery
  • Unlimited virtual tours
  • Min. term: 1 year
  • Includes Hosting

Frequently asked questions

Do you take one time fee per each Virtual 3D floor plan?

Yes. Creation of Virtual 3D floor plan requires our personal attention. Depending on the size of a floor plan amount of work is different, but we can be 100% sure that final result will be delivered in 48h.

Do I need separate software to use your service?

No. We do not require any special software or downloads. Virtual 3D floor plan tour runs directly in the browser powered by the cloud so there is also no need for updates or maintenance.

You sent me my first Virtual 3D floor plan tour. How can I change it?

You can't. You need to send us your requirements and we will do all changes for you. If needed implement furniture you specify, for additional payment.

Why do you take monthly payment?

All Virtual 3D floor plans are stored in a cloud service. Virtual 3D floor plan engine is quite big and complicated and there is no possibility to install it on client's servers. Maintenance of a cloud infrastructure is not for free. That's why we take at least 150€ per month for storing your Virtual 3D floor plans.

Can my browser run Virtual 3D floor plan tour?

Virtual 3D floor plan tour runs entirely within your Browser. So all you need is a modern Browser which support WebGL – the technology virtual tour is based on: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari 8+

Does it works on mobile devices?

Yes. You can run virtual tour on any device which has modern browsers support. No need to install anything else, just open a webpage with embedded virtual tour.

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